Should I Outsource App Development to India

Outsourcing software development to offshore destinations with a lower level of living cost is usually considered as a good option for hiring a development team for a reasonable price. Both small and medium companies hire specialists from India – their services are relatively cheap (in particular, if comparing with developers’ rates from Western Europe and the US). But, as practice shows, such a decision more often than not entails a number of problems. In this article, we will describe the ten most frequent of them.

Outsource Mobile App Development India: Cons

So, we present to your attention a brief overview of the 10 problems that many of customers that decided to hire a team of developers from India encounter.

1. Linguistic barriers

In India, “yes” does not always mean “yes.” Hindus generally consider it impolite to deny someone. Therefore, if you set an unbearable task for Indian developers, you are unlikely to get a real assessment of the situation and refusal to resolve it. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the case when after numerous promises from a hired team you would still have to look for the solution. Moreover, despite English being the second state language, some Indians do not use it very often and most of them have difficulties with comprehending accents. This will require an extra effort to come to the mutual understanding.

2. Problems with traditional electronic payments

In the last few years in India, only one type of electronic payment system which uses mobile phones as purses is developing. For residents of Europe and United States, it may be quite confusing, so in order to pay for the services of employees, they need to delve into the nuances of this payment system.

3. Time difference

The time difference between US and India is plus 10-14 hours (depending on the state). This is extremely inconvenient – when it is morning in the States, in India it is evening already. Of course, it is difficult to construct a fruitful communication in such conditions.

4. Disorganization

Hindus, for the most part, do not like to write down anything and are inclined to perceive information verbally. And this means that from time to time you will return to the same problems – simply because the details of the abrupt dialogue were successfully forgotten by your interlocutor.


In view of the low cost for their services the Hindus, in order to earn more, sometimes work on several projects at once. Do you want a team, in addition to your task, to perform simultaneously two or three more? Unlikely.

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6. Lack of creativity in design

When a customer is in need of a creative approach, cooperation with Indian developers can be a big headache. At best, they simply rip off the template of some well-known site or application, making minimal changes to it (and, by the way, not always successful). In the worst case, you will be offered something completely primitive and inconvenient to use, akin to cheap sites/applications from the 1990’s.

7. Copy-pasting

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned the general aspiration of Indian developers to copy something previously created. Sometimes such copying is so obvious that it is noticed by end users.

8.Exceptionally direct adherence to the customer’s instructions

If you are not an expert in programming, it will be very difficult for you to relay the essence of the project to the team of Indian developers. In addition, they are unlikely to offer you ways to improve the product from a professional point of view.

9. Fuzzy understanding of deadlines

Developers from India are mostly poorly organized. This means that you can safely add to the planned deadline a couple more months to finally get a ready product.

10. High risk of bumping into non-professionals

In India, a lot of people with no technical background call themselves programmers having finished only a short-term coding course. India is not the best country to look for a team of professionals as soon as possible.

The single notable advantage if you decide to outsource app development to India – low labor cost – can be easily nullified by potential problems. Increased development terms and a number of possible corrections are guaranteed to entail additional expenses and, thus, in the end, you definitely will not be able to save creating the project.

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