According to Forbes, wrong team is the third most common reason startups fail. With over 4600 agencies in Central and Eastern Europe alone it’s easy to make a costly mistake.

That is why at YouTeam we are pedantic about the quality of the specialists in our invitation-only talent pool.

First, we do the homework for you by carefully handpicking the top vendors. Only the 3 best companies for any given expertise are invited - and just one of those vendor makes it through the multi-stage 2 month pre-vetting process.

After the pre-vetting process we then do selective tech interviews and test assignments with engineers to verify their tech expertise, soft skills and level of English. YouTeam expert can also interview the candidates onsite to verify the identity of individual developers.

Finally if after first two weeks of work you’re not happy with the quality of talent provided, you get your money back.


Studios in Continental Europe

We carefully select candidates for our invitation-only vendor network based on the following criteria:

Niche leader: Highly specialised, with outstanding success stories in portfolio.
Top talent: 50% of designers and engineers are senior level, with 5 or more years of experience.
Fair: Highly competitive salaries and benefits for staff.
Face-to-face: Modern offices with comfortable and productive environment.
Geeky: Knowledge driven, with designers and engineers who actively take part in training, certifications, and tech community events.


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Every candidate studio must pass our multi-stage due diligence:
Proven track record: Thorough review of previous work, quality assurance, and clients feedback.
Interviews: We talk to staff at all levels, from executives and engineers to bookkeepers and administrators.
Legal: Review of  staff employment agreements, including the IP handover coverage.
Processes & Culture match: Review of team structures, communication process, risks, and more.
Partnership: We sign a partner agreement with the studio, which among other things ensures the privacy and transfer of IP to YouTeam clients.
Test tasks: We start our cooperation with test tasks, cross-checked by several Team Leads from our network.


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YouTeam's key know-how is our AI-driven platform that mines the data across the Dynamic Talent Pool that each design or development company has:
Bench: Employees not engaged in any project at the moment or finishing their current job within 8 weeks.
Opportunity: Promising candidates in the company's HR pipeline.
Switch: A frequent case for senior-level staff. Employees interested in switching from current project to a different one, or may be switched to a more relevant project by the company.
Acquisition: Passive candidates: employees of other companies or freelancers potentially interested in joining the studio.


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Once you get in touch, we will form a team for you within 24 hours:

Top talent: We select the most senior designers and engineers available in our Talent Pool, based on your stack and experience requirements.
Face-to-face: The preference is to have all engineers based in one studio - so that you can meet all the team members in a single visit. And yes: we do encourage our clients to jump on a plane and have regular face-to-face workshops with the team.
Dedicated PM: We assign a dedicated London based PM who will take care of the day to day operational management for you, leaving you time to focus on the business side of things.
Extending the Team: New engineers can be added to the team on your request within 5 to 10 working days.

Not sure what team would be best for your project?
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