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Eugene K.
Java/Node.js developer with strong background in healthcare
Higher Education Computer Science
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Core technologies

Java EE 8 years
Node.js 5 years
PHP 8 years

Other technologies


Portfolio Highlights

Jan `16 – Present
4 years

Repnets Ltd.

This project is a part of an open-source software for clinical research and consists of back-end and front-end applications. Our client’s patient compliance automation platform is a comprehensive solution for clinical data management and automated monitoring.

Tech Lead

Mar `12 – Dec `13
2 years

Lincoln Center Org

The Lincoln Center project provides customers with buying tickets and monitor forthcoming events devoted to music, dance and theater which take place in the places included in Lincoln Center such as: t​he Metropolitan Opera, the Lincoln Center Theater, the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Ballet.

Tech Lead

Admin back office for subdivisions of Lincoln Center. Ticketing subsystem and data importers for main events and shows Involved in development of UI for main front end of Lincoln center and search subsystem. Video portal of Lincoln Center and main video pages (Playlists, Livestreams, Video pages). Import data from Youtube channels of Lincoln Center divisions to video portal. Apply different syncronization services Created project architecture for different Backend and Frontend subsystems.


About me

System Architecture and Technology Leader. Strong skills in various development areas and programming technologies. Leadership based on knowledge level and expertise.Strong operation system administration experience, including Linux/Windows servers and necessary environment.

Mobile and Web development agency #553

Kharkiv, Ukraine
Core Expertise
Java EE
Education & Science, Banking & Finance, Healthcare & Medicine
Our company is an Eastern European IT service provider with 10 years of proven experience. Since 2008 we have been delivering quality software products to our clients and partners from the Unites States, Canada and Europe. Why us? 1. The US-based company with R&D center in Ukraine. 2. Java-focused development in special areas such as banking and financial, video streaming and health care. 3. We are open for developing the unique and fresh ideas!