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Alexey I.
Last update: 07 Aug 2019
SENIOR /team lead
Senior Full Stack developer with over 8 years of experience
I'm an experienced Javascript and PHP developer, open-minded for new technologies. I have more than 8 years of development practices in Javascript and PHP.
Programming is my passion, I'm a big fan of object oriented principles and agile development methodologies, that’s why I try to apply them in all my projects.
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GMT-11 Pacific Region


Jan `19 – Mar `19

2 months

PHP, JS/Typescript developer

Estimation of tasks and planning; Development of main architecture of application; Database architecturing; Frontend development (Angular7); Development of the backend (API, Symfony4); Code review;

Project details: implementation of admin control panel for support department

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript MySQL PHP Symfony TypeScript Git Jenkins Docker Angular 7

Jan `18 – Dec `18

11 months

Volvo Buses and Gotenehus Configurators

TeamLead, Javascript/Typescript developer

Estimation of tasks and planning Development of main architecture of application Database architecturing; Frontend development (Angular2+) Development of the backend logic (Node.js/Typescript); Code review Deployment of the application

Volvo Buses and Gotenehus Configurators (, both projects have the common code base and based on the same backend platform implemented from scratch by me and my team. Was involved as a TeamLead, size of the team – 6 developers.

Technologies Stack:

AWS JavaScript MySQL Node.js TypeScript Git Gulp Docker Angular 7

Jan `17 – Mar `17

2 months


Javascript/Java/ObjectiveC developer

Development of javascript part; Development of native logic for Android application; Development of the native part of iOS plugin

Cordova plugin implementation for cross promotion SDK Tapdaq

Technologies Stack:

Java JavaScript Objective-C Git JSON ES6

Sep `16 – Dec `16

3 months

Norrlands Configurator

Javascript/Typescript Developer

Development of UI of application; Development of all the logic; Development of server-side logic for sending emails and generating PDF

Norrlands Configurator – it’s a configurator of rooms (SPA based on Angular2+), that allows select and apply various types of wall/floor/ceiling panels, calculate their total price and save the result in PDF format or share with friends by email.

Technologies Stack:

Ajax AngularJS JavaScript Node.js TypeScript CSS3 Git JSON ES6

Sep `15 – Oct `16

1 year

Cricket Manager

Lead PHP Developer

Was responsible for design of architecture and development of server side API for the game; Managed the team that was developing server logic; Development of API; Development of asynchronous messaging system based on Websockets and RabbitMQ; Planned and estimated scopes of tasks for sprints

Cricket Manager - sport-manager game for cricket, developed on Unty3d, it allows you to manage own cricket team and play cricket in turn-based manner. Was involved in development of server side game logic and API.

Technologies Stack:

MySQL PHP Zend Framework RabbitMQ WebSockets

May `15 – Sep `15

4 months

StarzApp Online Gam

Lead Javascript Developer

Frontend architecture design and development; Backend API’s development; Planned and estimated scopes of tasks for sprints; Managed the development team; Setup and configured media streaming server

StarzApp is Online Game. This is a real-time, live-streaming online casino. Featuring single-player and multiplayer modes, this app also include s WeChat integration (login, sharing, payments). Targeted for the Chinese market, this app was carefully designed to attract and engage the target demographic.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS Ionic JavaScript MySQL Node.js Socket.IO

Dec `14 – May `15

5 months


Full-stack Web Developer

Created new features and optimized performance of legacy code; Designed and developed mobile version of website from scratch; Increased performance by implementing cache subsystem for public and the most visited pages built on Memecached server; Developed mobile version of website built as a SPA using Bacbone.js and jQuery Mobile; Developed AJAX/RESTful API for mobile application;

Globogirls, – is a web based dating and travel website.

Technologies Stack:

Backbone.js CakePHP MySQL PHP Symfony JQuery Mobile Memcached RabbitMQ RESTful API WebSockets

Jun `14 – Dec `14

6 months


Software Developer

Developed mobile cross platform application as well as designed architecture and developed AJAX API on Symfony2 framework and Doctrine ORM; Developed Server API for mobile application; Developed mobile application built with Phonegap and BackboneJS; Built and published application to Google play store and Apple store

DataStorageAsean is the leading IT News portal in South East Asia. "DSA news" is a mobile cross platform news application developed using JavaScript (BackboneJS) and Phonegap for all kinds of Android and iOS devices with support of mobile and tablet devices.

Technologies Stack:

Ajax Backbone.js JavaScript MySQL PhoneGap PHP Doctrine ORM Git Symfony2

Sep `11 – Jun `14

2 years


Software Developer

Developed module for invoices and revenues generating; Integrated invoices module with Twinfield platform by using SOAP protocol; Implemented two side integration for all the profiles of advertisers and publishers with SalesForce CRM by using SOAP Services; Developed different web based widgets for publisher's web sites using pure Javascript; Implemented module for mass mail delivery; Developed RESTful API which intended for the dedicated advertiser's area;

iQU - is a game marketing platform that delivers results for game developers & publishers in a wide range of verticals including: MMO, social and casual games. Each day the iQU platform serves tens of thousands of conversions, tens of millions of impressions, hundreds of millions of clicks.

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript MySQL PHP Git Memcached SOAP XSLT Zend Framework PHPUnit PHPExcel Bamboo

Mar `11 – Sep `11

6 months


Full-stack Web Developer

Developed file import/export of bank statements; Was working on development of customizable estimates and invoices module; Developed UI for accountant’s frontend

JePilote ( is a SaaS platform which provides an online accounting service for better accounting and reporting, it contains over 500 companies and over 600 unique active users per day.

Technologies Stack:

Ajax CodeIgniter jQuery MySQL PHP PHPExcel

Jan `10 – Mar `11

1 year


Software Developer

Developed own custom framework (such for fun); Exported database of e-catalog TeacDoc to MySQL; Integrated TeacDoc search engine with web shop; Developed desktop tool for export pricelists of different distributors to web shop; Developed shop logic (shop cart, invoices, simple module for logistic and observing of order’s status, reports and email notifications)

Izekson-auto ( – e-commerce solution for selling spare parts for cars built on own custom PHP framework and on TeacDoc e-catalog.

Technologies Stack:

jQuery MySQL PHP JavaSE PHPExcel


Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

Specialist’s degree - Electronics engineering

Software/Mobile development agency #179

We provide software solutions and IT consultancy in Healthcare, Logistics, FinTech, and Blockchain domains. Our specialists both create projects from scratch and work as remote teams at established businesses from North America to Western Europe.


Android Developer
An Android specialist with 3 years of experience in the development of mobile apps. I have a clear understanding of mobile development and project architecture, as well as basic Agile methodologies. A...
9 Projects completed
GMT-11 Pacific Region
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 07 Aug 2019
Java Developer
A hard-working and highly proficient engineer with years of experience and genuine passion for app development. I like to resolve challenging tasks. I have a desire to learn new things, I’m quite atte...
2 Projects completed
GMT-11 Pacific Region
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 07 Aug 2019