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Roman S.
Available: 27 Jun 2018
ARCHITECT /team lead
Tech Lead | Full-Stack Software Engineer
Master of Computer Science with over 7 years of tech leading experience and over 11 in software development in total. Have worked in Study Research, Medical and Healthcare, VR, Video Broadcasting, Publishing and Air Navigation industries. I am fond of challenging projects with significant solutions.
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Jan `18 – Present

5 months


Tech Lead

Since the product is at an early stage the most work provided is pretty conceptual: ¬ business analytics ¬ project documentation ¬ development process design ¬ sketching application skeleton ¬ architecture zoning

Software development outsourcing company collaborating with KPN affiliate companies on building concept for common selling API platform.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS AWS JavaScript PHP Symfony

Oct `17 – Present

8 months


Lead Software Engineer

I’m pretty business oriented in my work and am always willing to build best relations with collaborators and business owners. With it now I do provide next services ¬ consultancy and workshops ¬ development process arrangement ¬ applications architecture collaboration ¬ technical interviewing, team supervisor

Involved in development of the bunch of products (in e-commerce and telecommunication spheres) on a freelance basis or as architecture consultant.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS API Node.js Symfony Laravel Framework

Oct `14 – Oct `17

3 years

ProofPilot inc.

Director of Technology

Responsibilities were pretty wide, including pitching project and networking but the main were: ¬ arrange and lead the development process ¬ build applications architecture (API, DB, Tests, CI etc) ¬ technical interviewing, team supervisor ¬ manage the efficient descriptive code writing

A startup company with a secure online platform to quickly design, launch and manage longitudinal trials and research studies with a strong focus on participant engagement.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS AWS JavaScript MongoDB MySQL PHP Symfony TypeScript Doctrine ORM Redis Webpack Docker Rescue

May `18 – Jun `18

1 month


Lead Software engineer

I have started as a middle software engineer and succeeded to a team leader. - Have managed the outsource team engaged in the development of the bunch of projects for 3D video streaming service (7 developers). - Have managed the architecture of 3D services and modules.

 - Have formed the team. - Took part in all development processes. - Have acquired skills in conflict resolution.

Virtual training platform

Technologies Stack:

AWS JavaScript PureMVC Symfony Wowza


International Science and Technical University

Master of Computer Science


Docker Mastery

Barclay / Coursera

Marketing 101

Bionic University

PHP Symfony

Dedicated Teams from Ukraine agency #148



Education & Science, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Information services & Technologies, Entertainment & Games, Construction & Real estate, Statistics & Atalytics, Social Media & Communication, Booking & Rent, Audio & Music

EchoUA is a software house with the core emphasis on building and retaining dedicated tech teams for various business domains. It operates since 2013 and as of January 2018 employes 32 professionals serving to 7 long-term partners. Being located in Lviv, which is in TOP-3 Ukrainian IT hubs, we have access to a 200k+ talent pool of skilled engineers.


Senior Python Developer with 7+ years of experience
Software development professional with more than seven years of commercial experience and interest in machine learning and data analytics. Skilled in development of highly scalable distributed systems...
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Updated: 09 May 2018
Senior Front-End Engineer with 8 years of experience
A Front-End Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in developing web solutions using modern technologies. Vitaliy's hard-working attitude and good attention to detail make him a great addition...
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Updated: 27 Apr 2018
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Updated: 23 Apr 2018
Senior Front-End/JavaScript Developer with 5+ years of experience
I am Front-End, JavaScript and Angular developer with strong technical skills and 5 years of experience in web development. I'm really passionate about what I'm doing and am constantly looking for way...
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Updated: 23 Apr 2018
Front-End (JS) Developer
Responsible and diligent engineer with 4 years of professional experience related to front-end development. Rostyslav is attentive to quality and detail and quick to grasp new technologies and product...
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Updated: 16 Apr 2018
Java/Spring Engineer with experience of developing software for retail and enterprise
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Updated: 30 Mar 2018