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Volodymyr O.
Available: 26 Apr 2018
Android Developer with 3+ years of experience in software development.
Software Engineer with 4+ years of experience. Over my career, I worked on projects of different complexity using mainly Java and Kotlin. I have a deep expertise in Firebase, SQLite, Realm and a good understanding of the software development lifecycle. I already used on a commercial project Android Architecture Components. Strong knowledge of Android Studio and Android SDK.
English: Upper Intermediate
Wrocław/Poland, Lviv/Ukraine


Industry Experience

Information services & Technologies, Social Media & Communication, Home & Garden

Product Experience

Visual constructor, advanced GPS tracking


Sep `17 – Feb `18

5 months

Constructor for Spay Insulation Creation

Android Developer

1. Designed the project architecture. 2. Implemented and adapted camera functionality to all Android devices. 3. Worked on the local database.

Technologies used: Android SDK, DataBinding, REST API, Gson, Camera API

Technologies Stack:



Information services & Technologies


Visual constructor

Jun `17 – Sep `17

3 months

Kung Fu Karaoke

Android Developer

1. Implemented custom camera/video player. 2. Worked on media/audio recorded. 3. Implemented fast Fourier transformation.

Technologies used: Kotlin, Exoplayer, UrbanAirship API, Fabric, RxJava, Dagger.

Technologies Stack:

Kotlin Dagger 2 RxJava Fabric SDK


Social Media & Communication

Nov `16 – Jun `17

7 months

Tracking System for Homes

Android Developer

1. Built an Android application from scratch. 2. Configured the connection with the server-side. 3. Worked on synchronization of the local database with the server.

Technologies used: Realm, RxJava, Dagger, File Picker, REST API, Android SDK.

Technologies Stack:

Android SDK Dagger 2 RxJava Realm REST API


Home & Garden


advanced GPS tracking

Web & mobile development agency #146

Wrocław/Poland, Lviv/Ukraine


Education & Science, Business & Productivity, E-Commerce & Retail, Entertainment & Games, Sports & Fitness, Advertising & Marketing, Photo & Video, News & Media, Healthcare & Medicine, Food & Drink

Microservices and SaaS: Marketing&Analytics, Real Estate, E-commerce, E-learning platforms


JavaScript developer with extensive experience in Angular and React.
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Updated: 18 Apr 2018
Senior PHP developer with 6+ years of experience
Highly proficient engineer with over 6 years of experience in software development industry. Strong expertise in PHP programming, namely Drupal 6-8. Good knowledge of PHP-frameworks (Yii, Codeigniter,...
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Updated: 16 Jan 2018
PHP developer with 4+ years of experience in software development domain.
Highly qualified and motivated PHP developer with 4+ years of experience in software development industry. Core expertise covers development of Drupal and Laravel projects. Deep knowledge of databases...
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Updated: 23 Mar 2018
Full-Stack Engineer with 3+ years of experience in software development industry.
Software professional with 3+ years of experience. Over career, built projects of different complexity with JavaScript. Deep expertise in Node.js and ReactJS. Extensive experience in markup technologi...
English: Advanced
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Updated: 06 Apr 2018
A talented front-end developer with 4+ years of experience in the software development domain.
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Updated: 19 Apr 2018
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