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Google Maps Specialist: a Complete Hiring Guide

Geographic information systems (GIS) are now widely used all over the world in almost all spheres of life, and many of them are based on Google Maps API. Therefore, all companies that deal with geolocation need to hire competent Google Maps specialists. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to find such professionals and what skills they should demonstrate during the interview.

The tasks of Google Maps specialists go far beyond just the software development and typically are as follows:

  •       Creation of algorithms for advanced web mapping and network analysis.
  •       Implementation of geospatial solutions on the database, application server, and web server tiers by using scripting languages.
  •       Design and development of complex GIS database models.
  •       Administration of GIS servers and workstations by installing and troubleshooting system software and programs.
  •       Database programming of relational and document-based databases.
  •       Transportation modelling for project-based GIS tools.

Technical Skills of a Google Maps Specialist

As a rule, a Google Maps specialist should possess the following technical skills:

  •    Proficiency with Google Maps API.
  •    Fluency with GIS Tools, such as JavaScript API, ArcMap, QGIS, FME Workbench, PostESRI, etc.
  •    Advanced knowledge of geography, land GIS, land terminology, country-specific descriptions and standards.
  •    Knowledge of Python and/or JavaScript languages, which may be needed for web and mobile application development as well as advanced statistical analysis and data modelling.
  •    Experience with FME, TIBCO, XTools, and other ArcGIS extensions.
  •    Experience with analysis and mapping tools, such as ESRI ArcMap.
  •    Ability to manage GPS solutions and collect field data when required.
  •    Knowledge of geospatial concepts, such as routing algorithms, datum transformations, spatial indexing, projections, and graph theory.
  •    Ability to conduct advanced research in DrillingInfo, IHS, TX Railroad Commission, etc.
  •    Understanding of Big Data in open-source SQL and noSQL databases.
  •    Ability to manage GIS web applications and provide user support.
  •    Understanding of country- or region-specific land systems.
  •    Knowledge of GIS server technologies, such as WMS, WFS, WCS, and WPS.

If your candidate has such skills, then you can be sure that it is a perfect fit for your GIS project. We wish you good luck in finding a Google Maps expert who will easily cope with all project-related tasks.

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