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Roman F.
Last update: 24 Sep 2019
SENIOR /team lead
Team Lead from Ukraine with 6+ years of job experience in Front-end/Back-end development
During this time, I have been leading cross-functional teams and managing the development process of high-load web-based applications on all of the stages using Agile methodologies. I was involved in business analysis, technical documentation preparing and quality assurance on all projects. I have experience in building strong and transparent relationships with clients all over the world.

In addition to that, I have a strong technical background. I had been working as a Front-end/Back-end developer on different web projects for 5 years in the past. The project management experience and the technical skills help me a lot to manage the development process and be on the same page with developers.

I am a self-motivated, result oriented person with strong problem-solving skills. I believe that a well-organised team of professionals is the key to the project’s success.
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GMT+3 Middle East


Industry Experience

Automotive, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Product Experience

Company's website, Cryptocurrency


Mar `18 – Present

1 year


Front-end developer & Team Lead

Front-end and Back-end development of the WebApp interface and product architecture; Back-end Integration through REST API; Authorization by using JWT; Middleware for filtration HTTP requests; Back-end and Front-end clusterization for fault tolerance and stable retention; Microservice architecture Project duration: 14 months. Team: 2 back-end and 2 front-end developers, 1 UX / UI designer, 1 QA-engineer, 1 project manager

Front-end and Back-end development for private account. 1 year + of collaboration with client’s team. 2 front-end developers.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js Node.js SAP Spring ES6 Webpack REST API SCSS Pug Vue.js BEM Axios




Company's website


Jan `18 – Aug `18

7 months

Feont-end development

Front-end development of WebApp interface and business logic Back-end integration through Rest API Middleware for routing requests and work with CORS Security proving by Google Authenticator Security of applications by using recaptcha Autorisation by using JWT Templating of LoDash Library for numbers Library for a work with numbers by using decimal.js Library for parsing formatting and checking phone numbers googlei18n/libphonenumbers

CoinLoan is a lending platform with a P2P economy. Cryptocurrencies are used as collateral, and loans are provided in fiat currencies. Any platform user may act as a lender or a borrower.

Technologies Stack:

Axiis Google AdSense API ES6 Webpack REST API SCSS Pug Vue.js BEM


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency




Apr `17 – Sep `17

5 months

A Cappella

Front-end/Back-end developer

Front-end and Back-end development of the WebApp interface and logic; Back-end Integration though REST API; Authorization to the admin panel by using passport; Middleware for filtration HTTP requests; Microservice architecture.

Front-end and Back-end development of informational portal “Moscow A Cappella Festival”. The main goal of the project: to provide an opportunity for participants to get the rules, register on the website.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js Node.js SaaS Socket.IO Mongoid Vue.js



Polytechnic Institute of Igor Sikorsky

Software development


IT Essentials


JS developer

Web & Design agency #386


Core Expertise


We are is a UX-oriented design & development agency that gets your business. From a meaningful UX to a neat Code, our clients trust us with building their brands, products, services, applications, and websites. We design products to create a competitive advantage, improve customer experience, and help businesses increase their profits. More importantly, we help our clients save up to 50% of the budget by extending their in-house teams with our dedicated designers and developers.


Front-end Web&Mobile Developer
I have been working with React/Redux, Vue.js, Vuex, ECMAScript, Bootstrap on front-end side and Node.js, Yii2k on back-end side together with PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases. I work with external A...
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 24 Sep 2019
A Full stack Developer from Ukraine with 8+ years developing Products and Services
During this time I have been working with React.js, Angular, Nuxt, Pug, HTML5, SCSS, SASS, CSS3 on front-end side, Node.js on back-end side and with MongoDB, MySQL. I have an extensive experience in u...
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 24 Sep 2019