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Structural Engineer
- Good knowledge of Python language - 3 years of experience with Django development. - Proficient in configuration and deploying projects to Debian Linux - Proficient with RESTful API design and d...
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Updated: 26 Mar 2018
Senior Java Developer
Project: Blockchain Responsibilities: Develop concept and its implementation with WebSockets inside the java application Description: A concept was developed and implemented, data exchange between t...
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Updated: 01 Mar 2018
Ruby-on-Rails developer experienced in delivery and dating projects
Rostyslav has a way of concentrating on the work very well which brings positive results and quick progress. He also knows how to find a common language with people it’s usually difficult for others t...
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Updated: 28 Mar 2018
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Updated: 02 Mar 2018
Front end web developer with 5 years of extensive experience in JavaScript, React.js, Next.js, Redux, Node.js and HTML/CSS.
Igor is adept at developing web sites based on customer specifications recommending application changes to make more efficient programs and upgrading existing apps to make them more useful.
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Updated: 26 Mar 2018
Front end and Back end developer with strong knowledge of JavaScript, Angular, React.js, Node.js, HTML/CSS
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Updated: 20 Mar 2018
Mobile/Web Developer with 5 years of experience. Front end & Back end. Main stack: React Native, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB
Expert knowledge of numerous programming languages, solid experience in Web/Mobile Development and open mind to meet all your ideas. I'm good as a team player and have excellent communication skills....
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Updated: 05 Apr 2018

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