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Structural Engineer
- Good knowledge of Python language - 3 years of experience with Django development. - Proficient in configuration and deploying projects to Debian Linux - Proficient with RESTful API design and d...
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Updated: 26 Mar 2018
Java/Spring Engineer with experience of developing software for retail and enterprise
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Updated: 30 Mar 2018
PHP & JavaScript Web Developer
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Updated: 16 Jan 2018
Full Stack Developer, focused on eCommerce and online Marketplace development
Oleksandr has great analytical skills and ability to solve complex problems. He is getting new skills fastly and applies them in the working projects successfully and promptly. Excited about technolog...
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Updated: 19 Mar 2018
I’m a full-stack web developer with around 2 years of working experience.
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Updated: 14 Feb 2018

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