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React.js, Javascript, AngularJS, Vue.js, Drupal, WordPress, Shopify, Mean stack, Magento
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PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Python, Laravel, Django, C#, Ruby, AWS, Scala, Golang
Mobile teams
React Native, iOS, Android, Python, Java, Javascript, C#, Swift, Unity, C/C++, Kotlin, VR
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How It Works

Find the Talent

Browse profiles of individual engineers at handpicked dev shops that have spare tech talent capacity.

Why dev shops always have good developers available
Meet the Firm

Talk to engineers that you want to work with before signing up with their firm.

How we vet the dev shops
Don’t Bother With Management

Payroll, office space, vacations, legal, training, and all other admin is handled by the firm.

Learn more about the firms behind our complimentary management layer
Work Safely

Enjoy stable and reliable cooperation with our money-back guarantee for the entire duration of your contract

Here’s how we address the typical outsourcing risks
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It's just much more convenient to find a small team. I talk to one person, get 5 hand-picked CVs, interview candidates, hire the best ones – and I’m done!

Florian Mott, CEO



Unique searchable talent pool

YouTeam leverages dynamic data of tech talent availability across its global network of trusted IT consulting firms. As a result you get access to hundreds of previously concealed profiles of software developers - ready to join your team in the course of two weeks.

Dedicated developers

Hiring software specialists from our talent pool, you can always be sure they all are full-time employed. This means they are dedicated to your project only, their skills are verified, their time and workplace is well managed, their training, salary and social package are taken care of. Most of good engineers are not freelancers.

Cost-efficient vetting

YouTeam carefully pre-vets IT consulting firms before allowing them to join its invitation-only network. Then it leverages the partners own talent vetting capabilities - so you only get developers with verified skills in your search results, while the rates remain competitive. Learn more about our vetting process

Zero-risk working process

YouTeam provides number of services that eliminate risk for offshore software development after the work starts. We offer code paid to make sure that all IP is transferred in due course. All payments go through the platform, but they are only released to the outsourcing software vendor after the work is accepted. If after two weeks you are not satisfied with the quality of work - you get a 100% refund.

Total team flexibility

The YouTeam model is perfect for rapidly growing businesses, particularly startups and scale-ups, who need a longer-term dedicated team solution. It allows you to leverage the HR and management expertise of established IT consulting companies to hire scale you team rapidly. Should you need to de-scale the team - all what’s required is a two-week notice.

No recruitment fees

YouTeam’s commission is charged to the vendors, not clients. For outsourcing software companies this is a completely new channel for finding clients. This is why they gladly pay YouTeam a commission, which allows us to keep access to this platform free for Customers like you. Forever!

I use YouTeam because of how quick and easy it is to find the right team and get the work started.

Mark Wright, Chief Product & Technology Officer


Based in leading outsourcing hubs such as Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Israel, Argentina, and Chile.

Carefully selected development houses
Vetted engineers and designers
Projects successfully completed

YouTeam prioritizes flexibility and transparency. I know that they only work with the most trustworthy dev shops around.

James Withall, CTO