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A UX/UI team with 200+ successful projects delivered experience

Exceptional user experience is an integral feature of a great product. This is why at YouTeam we are fanatical about UX/UI. We start every project with carefully modelling user flows and then building several versions of fully-interactive wireframe prototypes, running UX tests and iterating until user interaction becomes seamless and intuitive. It would be no exaggeration to say that YouTeam has one the best teams of UX/UI engineers in the region, with more than five years of experience on average. And we never stop hunting for talent!

User Experience requires the development of a thoughtful design process based on the specifics of each product. Attention of users can be fleeting and emotions nuanced. Designing for such inputs forces us to use sophisticated techniques, as part of an ad-hoc UX design process.

The design process transforms and changes, as there are many paths to the perfect user experience. The strategies which form the UX design process is part of the puzzle itself. Which can only be solved using proper design tools and research methods. The design process should be undertaken with the view of hitting target user experience at the minimal cost possible.

Undertaking Project Visioning ensures that User Experience Design always starts with a vivid and well defined problem, which is worked on quickly and collaboratively during the User Experience process. This streamlined approach allows us to fix more aspects of the design and result in a better overall User Experience, which makes sense to our clients but also for YouTeam, because both teams will benefit from being involved in a successful venture!

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