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Viktor M. SENIOR
Senior PHP Web Developer


6 years


6 years


5 years


6 years


5 years


6 years

5+ years IT professional in web development in a field of web-oriented applications for startups, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. Has solid understanding and knowledge of object-oriented approach, software engineering principles and concepts. Experienced in development and maintenance of server (PHP) and client (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) parts of applications, design and development of relational databases.


Industry Experience

Environmental Activism & Social Organisations, Education & Science, Internet & Telecom, Photo & Video

Product Experience

Web sites, Billing system, Internet portal


May `16 – Dec `16

7 months


Full stack developer

Page layout, design functionality. Responsive layout + pixel perfect Development of back-end functionality from scratch. Create a constructor for reminders. Unloading output documents by employees, generated logs and reports And the rest of the functional changes


Development of the website and inner functionality for monitoring and control system of the City Administration for government portal. A system for a single work of all organizations of the city.

Technologies Stack:

CSS JavaScript jQuery MySQL PHP Symfony HTML


Environmental Activism & Social Organisations


Web sites

Jun `15 – Oct `15

4 months


Full stack Web developer

Page layouts design functionality. Back end part


Customer’s wish was to develop stable system, where people can buy and sell their notes from university or college. Integration with social networks (facebook\twitter) and payment system implementation made this portal useful and popular among students.

Technologies Stack:

CSS Facebook API JavaScript jQuery MySQL PHP Symfony Bootstrap HTML twitter api PayPal API


Education & Science


Billing system

Feb `14 – May `14

3 months

Oss Codes

Web PHP developer

Template’s imposition (responsive, adaptive) Implement a storage structure in a database (members, articles in the tapes,tapes) Implement functionality into the website: creation of user account, create news feeds, view other people's bands, the possibility of communication among users. Bugfix

USA Company

The portal with the ability to create news feed, track people's news feeds, chat with users and add them as friends to establish communication.

Technologies Stack:

CodeIgniter CSS JavaScript jQuery MySQL PHP Bootstrap HTML


Internet & Telecom


Internet portal

Oct `13 – Feb `14

4 months

Photo BnB

Web developer

Page layout, design functionality. Back end part


Customer’s wish was to create a portal, where artists can provide their works or services such as photo, making portfolio, selling photo albums or photo sessions etc. The idea was to make it look like a small social network for photographers.

Technologies Stack:

CSS JavaScript jQuery MySQL PHP Symfony Bootstrap HTML


Photo & Video

Jul `17 – Jan `18

6 months

The accounting system technology

Web PHP developer

Creation based on Postgres database to store information about the technology and its details Registration of user authentication / separation of users by role Creating the admin panel and information part of the site Adding and editing information technology through the admin panel Showing uploading repair department, providing the possibility of leaving the application indicating the problem to a particular user UI of Web application


The Web application, that allows you to input full information about technical equipment of the enterprise, its location, state at the moment and to filter the data according to certain parameters. This app helps to track condition of technology, functioning capacity of technical department. Technical department also can replace the equipment fast and qualitative in case of damage.

Technologies Stack:

CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP PostgreSQL HTML Yii PHP Framework


Zaporizhzhya National Technical University

Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.)

Full software development agency #150

A software development company that has been helping inventors turn their thoughts into code.


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