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Oleksandr B.
Senior full-stack developer and CTO
Higher Education Computer Science
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Core technologies

AngularJS 4 years
Ionic 4 years
JavaScript 5 years
PHP 2 years
React.js 2 years
React Native 2 years

Portfolio Highlights

Nov `18 – Present
1 year

Mobile application for children healthcare

The app is connected to games and allows following children's abilities and progress.

Full-stack developer

React Native
Firebase database
Mar `17 – Present
3 years

US-based startup company

The social media app with the main function of messaging (2 types) which depends on the regime (radius or zip code connection) and displays these messages due to these parameters.

Mobile developer

Ionic Framework
May `16 – Oct `16
5 months

US-based startup company

The app for City Guides, Audio Tours, Festivals and Museums. Features include audio, video, geolocation triggers, maps, links and more.

Mobile developer

Ionic Framework
Jan `16 – Apr `16
3 months

US-based startup company

With this application, you can save your time, money and food waste by assisting with details of meal planning for large groups. You can build out your favorite existing recipes or import them from online Cookbook inside the system. Export recipes and shopping lists with accurate ingredient amounts. Track inventories and costs and easily plan around dietary restrictions, allergies, and appetite sizes.

Mobile developer

Ionic Framework
Jul `15 – Nov `15
4 months

US-based company

The mobile application with the ability to create meetings and invite people.

Mobile developer

Ionic Framework

About me

Hi! I'm working on different projects, large and small for 7 years. Basically, these are projects that consist of a back-end for 30% and a front-end 70%. I usually independently create project architecture and database architecture. The code should be clear and clear, nothing superfluous. I have a lot of experience in working with Travel&Tourism industry, projects of which often use Google Maps API. My background knowledge and technology awareness can help in solving various issues and find the best way of implementing your project. So let's think about how we can do that?

Web & mobile development agency #192

Core Expertise
React Native
Ruby on Rails
iOS Operating System
Android Operating System
Education & Science, Logistics & Transportation, E-Commerce & Retail, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate, Mapping & Navigation, Sports & Fitness, Photo & Video, News & Media, Statistics & Atalytics, Fashion & Style, Social Media & Communication, Travel & Tourism, Booking & Rent, Food & Drink, Arts & Culture, Beauty & Personal Care, Accounting & Auditing
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