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Nazar M.
Back-end, Ruby on Rails developer with great communication skills
Higher Education Computer Science
5% discount on yearly basis
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Core technologies

Ruby on Rails 5 years
PostgreSQL 5 years
Git 5 years
Capistrano 3 years

Other technologies

Stripe SDK

Portfolio Highlights

Jan `17 – Present
3 years

Israelian customer

A widget for articles which adds videos, identifies the voice from it, selects tags and depending on it makes an assortment of videos related to the article.

Tech Lead, Back-end developer

Ruby on Rails
Apr `16 – Present
4 years

US-based startup company

With this application, you can save your time, money and food waste by assisting with details of meal planning for large groups. You can build out your favorite existing recipes or import them from online Cookbook inside the system. Export recipes and shopping lists with accurate ingredient amounts. Track inventories and costs and easily plan around dietary restrictions, allergies, and appetite sizes.

Back end developer, Tech Lead

Developing the strong database, managing development processes

Ruby on Rails
May `16 – Nov `16
6 months

German-based startup company

Real-life simulations of an interview are available with the CRUTR application. With CRUTR you can adjust your settings to your level of proficiency or job type and CRUTR will put you in the hot seat with challenging questions. You can record your interview with a web cam for self-assessment or share it with friends and make comments on various parts of the video.

Back end developer, Tech Lead

Software architecture development, managing the project

Ruby on Rails
Jun `15 – Sep `15
3 months

The Turkey-based startup

This is the startup that gathers all the famous people who have ever lived and who have made major contributions to society through photographs. The website synchronizes with Instagram, Amazon, Wikipedia, and others to catch all information. Photos are sorted by artist and structured by famous projects.

Part-time back-end developer

Ruby on Rails
Nov `17 – Present
2 years

Germany-based startup company

Startup for energy solutions which will help to save energy expenses.

Tech Lead, Back-end developer

Scalable system developing, strong database with various products.

Ruby on Rails
Sep `17 – Present
2 years

US-based company

Communities themselves install the platform and use it as a resource. This platform grows by information shared and added by the community. The platform includes a list of business, non-profit organizations, local vacancies/talents, events and real estate and more. All in one platform. It offers locals a chance to share their important and unique insights with each other and visitors in order to grow economic development in their area.

Software developer

DB Design, Deployment and back-end code developing

Ruby on Rails

About me

Hi! I work on the web and mobile back-end development (Ruby on Rails). I am a perfectionist by nature, and all my efforts are aimed at predicting obstacles/issues before they can make any harmful impact on the project. I think that communication is key to a successful project as through the conversation we can learn the vision and the goal, and simply be on the same wavelength. So how about building a perfect solution together?

Web & mobile development agency #192

Core Expertise
React Native
Ruby on Rails
iOS Operating System
Android Operating System
Education & Science, Logistics & Transportation, E-Commerce & Retail, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate, Mapping & Navigation, Sports & Fitness, Photo & Video, News & Media, Statistics & Atalytics, Fashion & Style, Social Media & Communication, Travel & Tourism, Booking & Rent, Food & Drink, Arts & Culture, Beauty & Personal Care, Accounting & Auditing
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