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Vitalii I.
Available: 29 Mar 2018
Android/Java Software Engineer
A hard-working and highly proficient engineer with over 8 years of commercial software development experience. Result oriented and attentive to details.
English: Intermediate
Lviv, Ukraine


Industry Experience

Entertainment & Games, Social Media & Communication, Healthcare & Medicine, Law & Government, Travel & Tourism, Environmental Activism & Social Organisations, Internet & Telecom, Information services & Technologies

Product Experience

Social media platform, diabetes social network, TV streaming service, social app for outdoor activities, Java server applications for corporate system, Environment monitoring system/ enterprise app and server/ cameras streaming and recording, Corporate website, telecommunications project/ databases development, web development, wireless system for measurment and accounting of electric energy


Nov `17 – Feb `18

3 months


Android Developer

BEAM Authentic

A wearable badge and a mobile platform (Instagram alike social media) designed bridges online and offline life, to empower self-expression and connect people around shared interests and values. Allows users to display pictures from the mobile app feed on the badge. This can be used on elections, football matches, political events, product presentations, etc. to create a viral effect.

Technologies Stack:

Android SDK twitter api Android Studio ButterKnife Dagger 2 Firebase Client Android Glide GSON Otto event bus Retrofit Facebook SDK Crashlytics GPUImage


Entertainment & Games, Social Media & Communication


Social media platform

Nov `16 – Oct `17

11 months

Process Simulator App

Java Developer

Swiss client, NDA

Cross-platform Desktop Applications (client/server). The goal of this project is an application that allows to test and simulate real hardware systems.

Technologies Stack:

Eclipse Spring IntelliJ IDEA JavaFX GSON Jackson

May `16 – Oct `16

5 months

Car Club Apps

Android Developer

Israel Car Service

Applications for club clients. Driver app for finding services and Garage app for managing clients.

Technologies Stack:

Android SDK Android Studio GSON Picasso Retrofit GCM

Jan `16 – May `16

4 months


Android Developer

HelpAround Inc

HelpAround lets people touched by diabetes scan their surroundings for nearby helpers: people they might not know, but who share the same challenges and are committed to provide immediate assistance, or just advice and support.

Technologies Stack:

Amazon S3 Android SDK Parse JUnit Parse Mobile App Platform Android Studio GSON Intercom API Picasso Volley Facebook SDK GCM Mixpanel


Healthcare & Medicine


diabetes social network

Nov `15 – Jan `16

2 months

fuboTV Android

Android developer


An application that brings the best of live soccer streaming right to your phone

Technologies Stack:

Android SDK Stream Processing Android Studio Glide GSON Picasso Retrofit Volley Facebook SDK GCM


Entertainment & Games


TV streaming service

Sep `15 – Oct `15

1 month


Android developer


A social application with tourists routes, digital diary for outdoor activities. User can connect with friends and challenge them to collect places/activities or meters climbed/hiked.

Technologies Stack:

Android SDK Google Maps Android Studio GSON Universal Image Volley Facebook SDK


Law & Government, Travel & Tourism


social app for outdoor activities

Jan `15 – Aug `15

7 months

Java server applications for Kyivstar JSC

Java developer, Database Developer

Kyivstar JSC

A set of servers for corporate system

Technologies Stack:

Oracle PL/SQL Spring JDBC Java 7 Java 8


Java server applications for corporate system

Jan `13 – Dec `14

1 year


Java developer, Database Developer, System Architect

Environment Monitoring System, JavaFX WebStart enterprise application and server, cameras streaming and recording

Technologies Stack:

Oracle JavaFX JDBC Java 7 JNLP VLC


Environmental Activism & Social Organisations


Environment monitoring system/ enterprise app and server/ cameras streaming and recording

Sep `13 – Dec `13

3 months

Company Web Site for MIKROKOD LTD

Web Developer


Company Web Site. Company specializing in development and manufacturing of modern network and telecommunication equipment, integrated information systems, electrical equipment and test equipment for electric power.

Technologies Stack:

Apache CSS JavaScript MySQL PHP HTML


Corporate website

Jan `11 – Aug `13

2 years


Web / Database Developer

X-Project - telecommunications project, management and configuration of equipment, database development

Technologies Stack:

Apache CSS JavaScript PHP PostgreSQL HTML


Internet & Telecom


telecommunications project/ databases development

Feb `09 – Dec `10

1 year

Development of different small web projects (web sites) for NDKI ELVIT

Web / Database Developer

Web projects, their development and support

Technologies Stack:

Apache CMS CSS Drupal JavaScript Joomla! Oracle PHP PostgreSQL WordPress HTML


Information services & Technologies


web development

Jan `08 – Jan `09

1 year

Wireless Accounting and Monitoring System METEL-35

Micro-controllers Developer trainee

Wireless Accounting and Monitoring System METEL-35 - measuring and accounting of active and reactive electric energy on distribution networks without the application of traditional energy meters or current and voltage transformers

Technologies Stack:



wireless system for measurment and accounting of electric energy


Lviv Polytechnic National University

Master’s degree – Computer Systems

Lviv IT School

Android Development courses

Web, IoT & AR/VR development agency #115

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