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Vladimir Y.
Available: 04 Jul 2018
C# and Java enterprise developer specialized on web and windows applications
Coder with 12 years of experience in software development. Have a good skills in enterprise applications development where the most projects were a team development.
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Dnipro, Kyiv/Ukraine, New York/USA


Aug `15 – Sep `15

1 month


JavaScript front-end developer

Development and unit testing.

Project provides the web based IDE.

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript OpenUI5 Selenium

Jan `14 – Jul `15

1 year


Senior ASP.NET Web Developer, Architect.

Architectural Design, Controller and View development.

Truebalance project

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET MVC CSS JavaScript Knockout.js .NET HTML MSSQL

Nov `13 – Oct `14

11 months


Architect, Senior Java-Developer

Architectural Design, Back-end development

The project provides mobile webapp for the managing course registration and course schedules.

Technologies Stack:

Spring Java 7

Jul `11 – Dec `11

5 months


Senior Java Developer, Architect.

Java Development, maven integration

Service for on-line automatically and manually site translations in the runtime.

Technologies Stack:

Hibernate Java Spring

Mar `11 – Jul `11

4 months

CLS- Registration System

Java Developer, Architect

Architectural Design, Front-end development

This project provides the administration back-end for the student profiles management for the Columbia Law University.

Technologies Stack:

Google Web Toolkit Java Spring

Mar `10 – Feb `11

11 months

Spa Wish

Java Developer, Architect

Architectural Design, Data Access development, Integration with Avetti Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

The project is web-based application for online purchasing of spa-certificates. Key objective of the project is to create an improved system based on Java which is integrated with SpaFinder system to provide online purchasing of certificates that can be later redeemed in salons.

Technologies Stack:

CSS Hibernate Java JavaScript Spring HTML Prototype Javascript Framework MSSQL

Dec `09 – Feb `10

2 months

Spa Finder CMS

Java Developer

Data access development, Content management (front-end and back- end) development, layout.

1. CRUD of pages of different types: Treatment landing page, Treatment category page, Treatment page 2. Image upload and automatic creation of thumbnails of predefined size 3. Internationalization: CRUD of multilingual content

Technologies Stack:

CSS Hibernate Java JavaScript Spring HTML MSSQL

Dec `08 – Nov `09

11 months

Degem AT-VDT

Senior .NET Developer

Data access layer development, technology research, device simulation, and graphical components development.

Autotronic Virtual Diagnostic Trainer. Train and teach students on multipoint injection components including basic diagnostics abilities through fault finding exercises in the automotive field, focusing on multipoint injection subject.

Technologies Stack:


Dec `07 – Nov `08

11 months

Easy Phonics

ASP.NET Web Developer

Data access layer development, technology research, ORM working, graphical controls development, WCF integration, load balancing system development, ORM queries development, authorization and roles development, reports, integration with LMS.

The System is the web-based learning space for teaching English basics. Learning materials are built with Flash technology and support SCORM standard. Learning management system allows organizing paid access to learning materials and management of educational activities.

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET CSS JavaScript .NET XML HTML LINQ Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) MSSQL

Sep `07 – Nov `07

2 months

MEDOC Pathway

.NET Developer

Graphical controls development, oscillogram development, reports, parallel port integration, Excel import and export, SQL scripting

The project is an advanced, computerized thermal stimulator system designed for neurological and pain research. It consists of a Thermal Control Unit (TCU) and two types of active devices called Thermodes. Our system controls operating of the devices and the connection between TCU and Thermodes as well. It also has client application for visualization of devices' work.

Technologies Stack:

.NET Windows Forms Development MSSQL

Dec `06 – Aug `07

8 months

HTR Nilly

ASP.NET Web Developer

Graphical controls development, module for antivirus scanning, SQL scripting, authorization, integration with ASP.NET web services, SMTP and POP3 protocols integration, DBToolkit

Provides Customer Relationship Management for human resources services for interaction between clients and their potential employees

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET CSS JavaScript .NET Telerik HTML

Jul `05 – Nov `05

4 months

Oblik CRM

.NET Developer

Reports development, module development for integration with different call center systems

Provides Customer Relationship Management for small and medium business.

Technologies Stack:

DevExpress .NET Windows Forms Development MSSQL

Jul `05 – Oct `05

3 months

Active Investigator

Junior ASP.NET Web Developer

Web project that provides analogue such as Visio.

Technologies Stack:


Jul `17 – Jun `18

11 months


Senior C#/VB.NET Developer, Senior ASP.NET developer

C#/VB.NET Win Forms Development, Back-end development, PostgresSQL development, Unit testing

Provides capture, storage and collaboration tools, as well as integration with EHR platforms. All of our software and storage solutions are HIPAA and military-level security compliant.

Technologies Stack:

.NET Entity Framework Web Services Windows Forms Development ASP.NET Web API


It-Step academy

Software development

Software development agency #164

A premier software development company partnering for success with the most dynamic and successful start-ups and enterprises


Ruby on Rails is a developer with a great passion for JS
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Updated: 05 Jun 2018
Python back-end developer in a field of web-oriented applications
5+ years IT professional in backend Python based web development in a field of web-oriented applications for startups, midsize businesses and large enterprises from various industries. Have fully and...
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Updated: 21 May 2018
Senior RoR developerwith a wide technology background
A skilled RoR developer with 8+ years of experience in the industry (5+ years focused on RoR); targeted on productivity and transparent communication with a client; has a passion for technology and ha...
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Updated: 21 May 2018