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Vitalii K.
Full-stack JavaScript/PHP Developer
Higher Education Computer Science
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Core technologies

PHP 4 years
JavaScript 3 years
Node.js 2 years
React.js 2 years
Ember.js 3 years
MySQL 4 years

Other technologies


Portfolio Highlights

Feb `18 – Present
2 years

Converze Media Group is an advertising agency and one of the top direct-response radio buying agencies in the U.S

MindK built a web application that can easily be scaled to cover different campaigns. The platform is easy to navigate, can handle thousands of campaigns and analyze their results. Comprehensive campaign tracking. The system parses 300+ radio broadcast logs a day to track the frequency and timing of ad campaigns. Radically simplified order placement that allows users to re-use previous data, fill a couple of fields and automatically send orders to chosen radio stations across the US.

Full Stack Developer

ull-stack development of marketing tool for radio businesses in the USA for gathering and further analyses of data getting from different sources: parsed files in pdf/xls/csv formats, integrations with services in the digital marketing sphere. Implementing integration with external systems (Marchex, TV Square) via the REST protocol, integration with Tatango via a web hook. Also implemented the calculation of complex reports.

Laravel Framework
Jan `19 – Dec `19
11 months

CEMAsys.com AS is a leading CSR (corporate social responsibility) consulting company, which provides energy and carbon management services for the Nordic region.

MindK built a modular solution, with a neat, organized experience that is simple to use and compelling to an incredibly diverse user-base of enterprises. 20 DIY reports and graphs simplify the data entry and allow the user to pick all the necessary indicators, save the form, and then use it for future reports. An interactive dashboard to help users set up, personalize, and keep track of energy reduction initiatives. Integration with external business systems & Cloud storage to ease data mgmt.

Back End Developer

Development of functional parts (back-end and API), integrated into ERP system: UI features, reports, dynamic grids with filtering, ordering, inline-editing, etc with functional API modules for system reports.

Jan `19 – Feb `19
1 month

FIATU LLC provides a full range of services on energy audit, management, monitoring, and financial management. The company manages over 30 energy-saving projects in 20+ cities.

MindK redesigned the existing system and created a custom SaaS platform for energy monitoring. With lightning-fast Reporting, the system helps local governments to improve energy efficiency and optimize spending. Public API for automatic collection of data from electric and utility meters. Assessment of energy and water consumption efficiency; transfer of this data to providers and regulatory bodies. IoT module that allows managers to track remotely heat consumption.

Back End Developer

Development of an Energy management solution that tracks the heating system parameters in real-time (IoT).

Laravel Framework
Nov `19 – Present
3 months

Business Perspectives is a consulting and publishing company, which is part of a network of publishing organizations and projects.

Together with Business Perspectives, MindK set off on a journey to transform complex catalogs of journals and articles into a powerful E-commerce system, tailored for the scientific community: Reading and purchasing of scientific journals is a 100% digital experience. Users can buy the entire magazine, purchase individual articles, as well as rent an article for viewing for a lower price. Convenient payment with a couple of taps. Collection and dynamic visualization of data about authors.

Back End Developer

Development and support of an eCommerce solution previously made with Joomla CMS. Development of back-end layer and UI features.


About me

A professional with strong communication, analysis, design and development skills. A polyglot programmer but with a higher view of all the connecting pieces. Over 7 years in development and over 4 years in web development (full stack), from building separate features (front-end UI components, API, etc.) for complex web apps, to working on an entire application. Skills Set. Front End development skills: - SPA development using the following framework\libraries: React.js, Ember.js - Advanced HTML/CSS skills Back End development skills: - API layers development for any kind of web applications (including SPA and - - API services) with PHP and Node.js frameworks - Application architecture development - DB architecture development - Data migration automation (between different systems) - Covering API and separate app functional parts with Unit Tests (using PHPUnit and wrappers)

Custom, Web & Mobile Apps agency #173

Kyiv, Ukraine
Core Expertise
React Native
CMS Development
Laravel Framework
Mobile UI Design
Business & Productivity, E-Commerce & Retail, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate, Advertising & Marketing, Environmental Activism & Social Organisations
MindK offers web and mobile app development, quality assurance, and DevOps services. Over the past decade, MindK has developed over 120 complex B2B and B2C solutions in the e-commerce, financial services, and construction sectors. Our coordinated teams include project managers, developers, designers, DevOps, and QA engineers. At MindK, our goal is to help clients accelerate growth and innovation, boost operational efficiency and improve profitability and customer satisfaction. Our passion for technology and years of experience in the IT industry is reflected in the professionalism of our team, enabling us to deliver predictable results that exceed expectation, accelerating our clients’ time to market and ensuring sustainable growth. We are proud that: Our average client relationship is 5 years. 96% of our clients' projects have met deadlines. 84% of our clients continue working with us to this very day and come back with new projects.