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Attila N.
Last update: 04 Oct 2019
Talented junior Frontend developer
Attila is a very talented junior Frontend developer with fresh experience in technologies like Angular 2+, Bootstrap, SASS.
Usually responds within 1 hour
GMT+13 Pacific West


Product Experience

entertainment apps


Sep `19 – Present

2 months

real-time sport events administration

Full-stack developer

This Angular application consumes an ASP.NET Core backend which is capable to send and receive real-time data using the SignalR package. Data persisted with MongoDB. The frontend application is instrumented with NgRx state management store in order to manage the global, application-wide state. Sensitive backend endpoints are protected by JSON WebTokens.


The main goal is to manage a handball event with its match actions, teams, participants. The application is divided into two main parts: referees can manage individual matches while visitors can see real-time statistics applying data visualizations.

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET D3.js MongoDB TypeScript HTML REST Angular 2x Postman SCSS


entertainment apps

Feb `19 – Present

9 months

Internal, Web-based skillmap software for IT companies

Frontend developer

Developing an Angular application with Angular Material which consumes an existing RESTful backend. The project utilizes the essentials of Angular such as the RxJs library, Typescript language and SCSS. Data visualizations are made by D3.js.


A Web-based system that visualizes the company's development resources.

Technologies Stack:

D3.js TypeScript HTML REST Postman SCSS Angular 7

May `19 – Aug `19

3 months

Festival application with step-counter and sweepstakes functions

Frontend developer

Extending and upgrading and existing Angular project which was developed in 2018. The project is based on Firebase Realtime Database. My responsibility was to create prize entries and manage them on the administrator interface and in the database. Another core functionality was to create point of interest groups and points on the map, based on Google Maps API.

Multinational Energy provider Company

Mobile application made for several Festivals that includes Augmented Reality and Step counter-based sweepstakes functions.

Technologies Stack:

TypeScript Google Maps API SCSS Firebase Realtime Database ag-Grid Angular 7


Széchenyi István University, Győr

Computer Science Engineering

Design & Software development agency #393

We are innovators in developing next tech digital experiences - developing and applying new/emerging B2C and B2B mobile, web, digital technologies and apps in powerful ways


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GMT+13 Pacific West
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Senior front-end & Android developer
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GMT+13 Pacific West
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