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Oleksii K.
Last update: 04 Jul 2019
A software developer interested in web development, highload systems, data analysis and a lot of other cool things.
Currently he's focusing on Python development (Django, Flask, Tornado) as backend engineer, data science, machine learning and looking for a new great stuff from JavaScript world (AngularJS, Node.js).
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
10% discount on yearly basis
GMT+3 Middle East
Dnipro, Kyiv/Ukraine, New York/USA


Industry Experience

Insurance & Risk Management, Entertainment & Games, Healthcare & Medicine

Product Experience

application for insurance business, Game, Medical data exchange system


Aug `17 – Jul `19

1 year

Simple life

Senior Python Developer

Design and development of REST API for mobile applications. Resolving performance issues Design and implement internal messaging system which is used by the platform customers to get assisted with live ops issues.

California-based insurance platform

Simple Life is a California-based insurance platform on a mission to make the insurance enrollment and education process understandable once and for all.

Technologies Stack:

Django PostgreSQL Python Twilio Amazon Web Services Ansible RabbitMQ Celery Splunk


Insurance & Risk Management


application for insurance business

Nov `15 – Jul `17

1 year


Senior Python developer

- Design microservice architecture for a mobile backend,dDesign and implement authentication and authorization system for RESTful API based on JWT SSO for microservices architecture, design and implement Payments Services

San-Francisco based company

A mobile-first real money skill gaming platform featuring top AAA+ IP (Centipede, TwoDots, Pac-Man, Wheel of Fortune, Solitaire Tri Peaks, Scrabble, Tetris)

Technologies Stack:

Django MySQL PayPal Python Amazon Web Services Memcached Redis RabbitMQ Celery Docker DynamoDB Braintree Splunk


Entertainment & Games



Oct `12 – Oct `15

3 years

Communify Health

Senior Java Developer

Responsibilities: - optimize DICOM CT / MRI datasets reading and building 3D volumes - optimize 3D visualization software for visualizing 3D medical datasets - optimization of DRR ray casting algorithms - optimization of algorithms of detecting, contouring and processing of regions of interest with required features

US based company

Communify Health ( provides multiple FDA 510(k)- cleared medical imaging and research platforms for Radiation Oncology / PACS / Radiology and the tools for clinics to take control of and improve their workflows.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS Hibernate OpenGL PostgreSQL Swing JavaSE


Healthcare & Medicine


Medical data exchange system


National Aerospace University -'Kharkiv Aviation Institute'

Master's Degree

STEP IT Academy Computer Software Engineering

Bachelor's degree

Software development agency #164

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A highly-skilled, self-motivated and hard worked programmer with 3+ years experience in web development.
Ready to study new technologies to improve skills for developing stable and optimized web applications. Always tries to accomplish the task in the best way.
4 Projects completed
GMT+3 Middle East
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 04 Jul 2019
Middle+ level python developer
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Updated: 04 Jul 2019
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 20 Jun 2019
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 04 Jun 2019