Volodymyr H.

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Volodymyr H.
Last update: 05 Jul 2019
Experienced Team-Lead with a strong background in JS and PHP
I have over 10+ years of commercial experience, ranging from medium to large and complex systems. My approach is based on clean code, unit testing, dependency injection, and design principles & patterns. Able to perform all the functions of DevOps, including the deployment, support, and scaling of complex clusters in AWS, MS Azure, DigitalOcean, etc. As an experienced Team Lead, I have good knowledge of modern JavaScript(ES6+) and always on top of PHP / JavaScript Frameworks and libraries.
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12% discount on yearly basis
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GMT+2 East Europe

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[otak`oji:] - when you have no other words to express excitement or astonishment, feel free to use this unique Ukrainian word. OTAK`OYI can be interpreted as super ultra mega awesome. This is a level of standards we set for our work. OTAKOYI is a team of creative people who are focused on offering a one-stop-shop experience for our Partners. We have the capacity to build products from scratch as well as to set up dedicated teams to support your new or existing projects. We're happy to find out more about your project. Let's get in touch!