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Szabolcs R.
Last update: 28 Jun 2019
Experienced node.js developer with very good express.js and frontend dev skills
Experienced backend developer proficient in Java, node.js, express.js, PHP and SQL with strong frontend skills and several notable projects completed.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
Usually responds within 1 hour
GMT+13 Pacific West


Industry Experience

E-Commerce & Retail, Service & Support, Advertising & Marketing, Big Data, Entertainment & Games

Product Experience

customer services web application, Commercial website, Platform for creating digital advertising reports, Analytic reporting tool


Jan `18 – Apr `19

1 year

Customer facing website

Backend Developer

Component development (Classic and Touch, HTL, Sling Models), External search engine integration, OSGI Component development (EventHandlers, Scheduled Jobs, Services, Servlets), Domain Model Definition, Dialog migration, Content migration, JUnit Testing, Project specific container definitions and maintainance (Author, Publish, Dispatcher, Solar)

Multinational Energy Provider

Using an enterprise CMS (AEM) which suites the client’s business needs, we created the official website of a world wide known Energy Provider from the ground up. Solving the problem of hardly digestible contents on service provider’s pages, we payed extra attention to design the system and its content as user friendly as possible. - Complete UX design with user tests - User friendly interface and digestible content - Creating brand new workflows and user journeys

Technologies Stack:

CSS Java Docker Adobe Experience Manager


E-Commerce & Retail, Service & Support


customer services web application, Commercial website

Feb `16 – Dec `17

1 year

Digital transformation platform

Backend Developer

contribute to design of base architecture implement base backend 'framework' design & implementation of web crawler implement social site data capture implement user management & acl manage build jobs manage server related tasks (scripts, web server, etc..)

American Digital Transformation Agency

One of the largest digital transformation agency’s internal platform is created to assist their client’s digitalization. The main features of the system: Crawler module for collecting information about the client's digital imprint Benchmark module to evaluate the client’s score with cutting edge visualization Roadmap building module to create a digitization plan consisting of prioritized steps.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS Express.js MongoDB Node.js PostgreSQL REST API


Advertising & Marketing, Big Data


Platform for creating digital advertising reports

Apr `15 – Jan `16

9 months

Business Trend analysis system

Backend and frontend developer

Prototyping & build PoC Web search engines research Research NoSQL engines contribute to design of base architecture build service using Google Custom Search to gather data implement dashboard based on results of Google Custom Search implement automated data processing

American digital transformation agency

Trends and sentiment analysis using Google Custom Search and visualizing data on a dashboard.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS MongoDB Node.js Phalcon PHP JSON


Analytic reporting tool

Sep `14 – Mar `15

6 months

Event search app

Backend and Frontend Developer

Implementing web-services processing data from external source

POI searching based on user interest, implementing uniq UI elements, bug fixing, refactoring

Technologies Stack:

MySQL PHP JSON Zend Framework


Entertainment & Games


Széchenyi István University

Engineering BSc in Information Technology

Design & Software development agency #393

We are innovators in developing next tech digital experiences - developing and applying new/emerging B2C and B2B mobile, web, digital technologies and apps in powerful ways


Senior front-end & Android developer
Gerard is a skilled web frontend & Android expert with proven track record of being an capable team leader and excellent member on complex multiplatform projects. He has 5+ years of experience working...
3 Projects completed
GMT+13 Pacific West
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Updated: 28 Jun 2019
Senior Front-end team leader & Android developer
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Updated: 28 Jun 2019