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Oleksii C.
Middle Unity 3D Developer (AR/VR, games)
Higher Education
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Core technologies

Unity or Unity3D 4 years
Game Development 3 years
AR 3 years
VR 3 years
C# 4 years
.NET 4 years

Portfolio Highlights


Hexagonium is a cross-platform MMO game that combines the most exciting elements of turn-based and real-time strategies targets a mid-core audience that has a particular affinity for medieval/fantasy aesthetics. The game has been developed in Unity, released and optimized for iOS and Android as a free-to-play game and has found its fans worldwide.

Unity Software Engineer

UI implementation, performance optimization, character controller, bug fixing

Unity or Unity3D

Cricket Manager

Unique and addictive sport management strategy, in which players compete to create the most successful team in one of the world’s oldest games. Strategy, along with real business cases, allows users to not only play but to really immerse themselves in the exciting complexity of professional sport management.

Unity Software Engineer

UI implementation, performance optimization, character controller, bug fixing

Unity or Unity3D

Don't Mess with Texas

Bakery Agency, an independent creative company, together with Don't Mess with Texas® (DMWT), a governmental littering campaign organized by the Texas Department of Transportation, have jointly developed an idea to extend their target market from 18- to 35-year-old males and females towards a younger audience. Their idea laid in finding the most engaging way to explain to school-age children the real price of litter and teach them how to properly dispose of trash.

Unity Developer

input controller implementation, data serialization and deserialization, development of the core model interaction with UI.


Trivia Hero

Program-Ace rebranded and redesigned a famous iOS trivia game to help attract new players, increase user retention, and generate more revenue. The users of the game have the ability to create and answer video trivia questions within a blitz gameplay that allows asynchronous playing and choosing between hero and villain characters.

Unity Developer

UI implementation, serialisation and deserialisation data received from server, implement custom-parser for data protocol.


Xmas ARchy: AR Portal

With Xmas Archy, the idea was to design an augmented reality portal application that could take a user onan exciting interactive journey. Having built our own corporate AR portal, we are able to improve the customer services and communication that we value.

Unity Developer

Controller input manager, bug fixing.


Multiplayer Racing Game (Under NDA)

A multiplayer racing game is about non-stop action games. If you’re looking for a place to chill out and take a breath, you won’t find it in this car game! Expect high-octane, daredevil racing, as every player tries to frag you and turn you into the twisted metal. Rule the road by grabbing randomly scattered weapons and blast anyone that’s in your way.

Unity Developer

Car movement controller, UI, networking, performance optimization


Training App For Police (Under NDA)

A training application for police forces to simulate enemy and shoot according to defined course requirements – limited time, limited ammunition and movement of targets.

Unity Developer

calculate shoot point position, Develop UI, implement course data structure, perfor- mance optimisation


Wheel Replacement Training

Wheel Replacement Training is an interactive virtual trainer that uses 3D models, marker-rich augmented reality and mixed realities (Hololens) to provide a completely new training experience. This allows the user to walk around and explore the specifics in the exact same manner that he/she would if it were truly there.

Unity Developer

UI implementation, bug fixing, visualization, AR implementation


Rehabilitation app - 2D pose estimation

Using the tablet camera, the app detects and tracks movements of the patient who is going through rehabilitation based on detected points in the space using the “OpenPose” library. Thus, it compares how well the patient performs exercises with the benchmark set by the admin user.

Team Leader/Senior Developer

Business logic implementation, UI implementation, bug fixing


About me

Oleksii is a self-motivated and versatile Unity developer with strong motivation to goal achievement, hardworking approach to tasks. Very reliable and positive team player, responsible for results of his work.

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Core Expertise
Android SDK
Unity or Unity3D
Game Programming
Machine learning Engineer
Unreal Engine
2D Animation
2D Design
3D Animation
Game Design
Mobile UI Design
Angular 2x
Angular 7
Architecture & Design, Entertainment & Games, Advertising & Marketing
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