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Vlad B.
Senior JavaScript Developer
Higher Education Computer Science
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Core technologies

JavaScript 5 years
Node.js 5 years
AngularJS 4 years
Vue.js 1 year
React.js 2 years
PostgreSQL 4 years

Other technologies

Git Flow

Portfolio Highlights

Jan `18 – Oct `19
2 years

Educational Social Network

The product is a closed community for those who build their business in education. The educational social network is intended for the communication of various users and promotion of information about educational companies. The network gives users an opportunity to publish and share various content.

Senior Web Developer

- refinement of the project architecture - AWS (S3, EC2, CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancer‎) integration - implementing new functionality - development of a scheme for the introduction of new modules - making technical decisions

Aug `17 – Jan `18
5 months

Business Intelligence Solution

The project was originally intended as a search engine (a-la Algolia), and later evolved into BI tool which supports ETL-like flow: registering (or uploading) arbitrary data source (including SQL and NoSQL DBs, CSV, XML, XLS, JSON etc), extracting data from it, then transforming data by applying functions (transform columns, aggregate and sort data, drill down etc) and finally downloading results in arbitrary format or sharing results in form of embedded widgets.

Senior Software Developer

- Working on the front-end part of the application - Development of new front-end features - Communication with product owner and other team members - Mentoring and code reviewing of new team members on the project.

Angular 1x
Java 8
Dec `16 – Aug `17
8 months

Reporting Module for SaaS

The project is reporting module for the application. Then-current system was not able to manage the data and was not meeting the client's expectations. Result: Fast report building (1400 stores/week - 23 seconds); Accuracy - 100% according to provided info (code snapshot, database snapshot and URL with report).

Senior Software Developer

- Development of the user-facing part of the reports. - Rendering HTML of 50000 lines of tables. - Development of the virtualization of the data. - Development of the cache for a quick update of the data.

Angular 1x
Sep `14 – Dec `16
2 years

Interactive Platform for ADHD Treatment

The project is a cognitive training system created to improve attention, behavior and cognitive function for children and adults suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In order to improve the gaming experience and data collecting device's possibilities, the client needed a new desktop application. That's where our team came into play.

Senior Software Developer

- Direct communication with the project manager and product owner. - Designing the architecture for the application and deciding the technological stack. - Refining the requirements and task distribution. - Mentoring new members of the team. - Migration of the project from Python to JavaScript.

May `13 – Sep `14
1 year

Dating Web Application

The dating website is a popular and profitable dating website. Being among the most successful dating services in Chile, this website boasts over 60,000 unique users daily. However, lately, the website has been plagued with critical bugs and performance issues that caused customers to leave.

Full-stack developer

- Developing code base from scratch - Designing and configuring server infrastructure - Load testing of project infrastructure - Direct communication with the product owner and other team members

Angular 1x

About me

Senior JavaScript developer with 7+ years of experience in software programming. Strong knowledge of Node.js, Angular.js, Vue.js also familiar with React.js. Has good communication skills, goal-oriented, perfect team-player.

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Core Expertise
React Native
Angular 1x
Java 8
Education & Science, Business & Productivity, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate, Social Media & Communication, Big Data
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