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Alex M.
Last update: 04 Jun 2019
Python Software Engineer
A Python Software Engineer with 6 years of expertise. Alex also takes pride in what he believes is his ability to think like a machine (understanding low level comes rather easy to him) and fast learning. Alex prefers C to C++, enjoy Python, and he's fascinated with Lisp and use GNU Emacs exclusively as an IDE.
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GMT+2 East Europe
Kyiv/Ukraine, Sanford/USA



Industry Experience

E-Commerce & Retail


Feb `15 – Jan `19

3 years

Real-time location tracking system proximity marketing foot-traffic analysis

Python Developer

Retail Optimize

CLIENT BACKGROUND: Retail Optimize is Swedish innovative company that creates solutions to give businesses the ability to measure visitors in-store movement, get a better knowledge of their customers, increase sales, strengthen their brand and above all create a more personalized experience for the customers. Full description of the project:

Technologies Stack:

C++ Python SQL Tornado TCP IP Unix shell REST API


E-Commerce & Retail




Master’s degree in Computer Engineering

IoT and Embedded Systems agency #592

Kyiv/Ukraine, Sanford/USA


E-Commerce & Retail, Information services & Technologies, Mapping & Navigation, Internet & Telecom, Healthcare & Medicine, Safety & Security, Electronics & Equipment, Service & Support, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity & Data Protection, Data Science & Machine Learning, Big Data, Automotive

Sirin Software is a service provider of Embedded Linux and IoT solutions with a modern office in the historical center of Kyiv and friendly family atmosphere. In the last few years, we successfully provided various software solutions to US, European and Asian customers. Since 2016 we have started providing Hardware Design services in cooperation with product owners. Our company has expertise in such domains as Networking, Storage Systems, Cloud Computing, Buildings Automation, Drivers, IoT e.t.c. We help business to drive digital transformation across the full product cycle and deliver sustainable innovations to market.


Embedded Linux Engineer
An experienced Embedded Linux Engineer with more than 10 years working in this filed. He has huge knowledge and hands-on expertise in C, Python, Shell, Perl, Assembler, AWS, etc. If you want to boost...
1 Project completed
GMT+2 East Europe
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Updated: 06 Jun 2019
C/C++ Linux Software Engineer
Dmytrii is a passionate C/C++ Linux Software Engineer with a deep understanding of the Linux ecosystem, from digital electronics to userspace software. His strengths are discipline and commitment....
1 Project completed
GMT+2 East Europe
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Updated: 04 Jun 2019
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 15 May 2019