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Carlos F.
Last update: 27 May 2019
Detail-oriented full-stack senior developer w/experience on front and back end languages and frameworks. Technical Leader of agile distributed teams.
Carlos has a strong object-oriented knowledge and backend background. He also has a vast experience with front-end development, mobile apps with Xamarin and machine learning projects.
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GMT-3 South America East


Industry Experience

Advertising & Marketing, Banking & Finance, Entertainment & Games, Information services & Technologies, Automotive, Education & Science, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Product Experience

Web platform for marketing campaigns, Internal projects, Money Managment Platform, Cross-platform mobile app, rest api backend services, dashboards, ICO Tokens, ICO, educational app


Oct `18 – Present

8 months



Analysis and implementation of use cases. Client-facing position.

Digital Moses

"The ultimate tool for analyzing, managing and optimizing your Facebook, Google and Bing campaigns". Manna connects to your Ad Network and presents data in a much more approachable format. See all your campaign data from all major ad networks in one location. By pulling in fresh data from Facebook, Google Ads and Google Analytics we allow you to analyze and optimize your campaigns performance across all ad networks in near real-time.

Technologies Stack:

Azure C# React.js SQL Azure Azure App Service Redux .NET Core


Advertising & Marketing


Web platform for marketing campaigns


May `18 – Present

1 year


Data scientist and backend developer

Backlog management, analysis and implementation.

Internal development

Machine learning project to classify and extract information of invoices.

Technologies Stack:

AWS Python Python Numpy TensorFlow Amazon SageMaker Amazon Rekognition


Banking & Finance


Internal projects, Money Managment Platform

Jul `18 – Oct `18

3 months

Key Collector Comics

Main developer

Coding of app and back end. Client facing position.

Selected Pixel

Ionic App with a Python/Django backend that allows users to keep track of their key comics collections.

Technologies Stack:

Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Django Ionic PostgreSQL Python Amazon Web Services Ionic Framework SQLite Sqlite3


Entertainment & Games


Cross-platform mobile app, rest api backend services


Nov `17 – Mar `18

4 months

Cube Intelligence ICO Platform

Platform developer

Participated in development of front and back end solution, as well as the administrator panel.

Cube Intelligence

Platform to manage the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for Cube Intelligence.

Technologies Stack:

Azure C# Express.js MongoDB Node.js TypeScript Bootstrap Paypal Integration Bootstrap CSS Azure Web PayPal API Solidity Handlebars.js Web3.js


Information services & Technologies, Automotive


dashboards, ICO Tokens, ICO


Nov `17 – Mar `18

4 months

Undisclosed "Netflix for education" with crypto rewards Xamarin app

Xamarin and back end developer

Client facing position. Backlog prioritization and analysis. Developer.

Undisclosed client

This project consisted of a Xamarin cross-platform app (iOS/Android) that had also an Ethereum dApp. When a user completes a course they are rewarded with ERC20 tokens. This app also has a feature that tracks the user eyes to make sure that the played video is being watched. If the app detects the user is not looking, the video is paused and when the user looks again, the video resumes.

Technologies Stack:

Azure C# Node.js Xamarin SQLite Sqlite3 Azure Mobile Services Azure Storage Solidity .NET Core Xamarin.Forms


Education & Science, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


educational app



Systems Engineering