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Lucas C.
Last update: 18 Jan 2019
SENIOR /team lead
Versatile full stack developer, blockchain and machine learning developer.
Lucas has experience in many different areas. He is proficient on front and back end with the Microsoft technology stack and many web frameworks. He also was lead blockchain developer for many dApps and is currently working on different machine learning projects.
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GMT-3 South America East


Industry Experience

Entertainment & Games, Sports & Fitness, Information services & Technologies, Law & Government, Banking & Finance

Product Experience

Game, Android Apps, Internal projects, Cryptocurrency


Oct `18 – Oct `18

Pro Basketball Manager

Machine Learning developer

Model definition and training. Developer of the integration component to use the model from Unity3d

Pro Basketball Manager

Machine Learning model that will be used as AI to determine the best position of NPC basketball players.

Technologies Stack:

C# Python Python Numpy TensorFlow


Entertainment & Games, Sports & Fitness



Oct `18 – Oct `18

Android Polish Assistant POC

Main developer

Research capabilities of Xamarin to create a background service and assistant. Implementation and focal point of the project.


Polish assistant POC for Android platform. Our client asked us to solve this problem using Xamarin.

Technologies Stack:

C# Java Xamarin Xamarin Native


Information services & Technologies


Android Apps

Sep `18 – Oct `18

1 month

Potholes finder

Machine Learning developer

Project definition and execution. Technologies used: TensorFlow, TensorBoard, Jupyter, AWS SageMaker, Amazon Rekognition, Python


This was an internal project. We trained a Machine Learning model to automatically detect potholes on video feeds.

Technologies Stack:

Python Python Numpy TensorFlow Jupyter Notebook Amazon SageMaker Amazon Rekognition


Law & Government


Internal projects

Nov `17 – Mar `18

4 months

Undisclosed Crypto Trade skill for Alexa and Google Home

Team leader, backend developer.

Backlog analysis and implementation.


This was an Amazon Alexa and Google Home skill that allows users of the Coinbase platform to perform several actions of the site directly on their voice-enabled devices: check balance, sell, buy and check prices. This works for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Technologies Stack:

Azure C# Java Node.js Xamarin SQLite Sqlite3 Azure Mobile Services Azure Storage Solidity .NET Core Xamarin.Forms


Banking & Finance




Universidad Abierta Interamericana

Math Sciences