Alex C.

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Alex C.
Last update: 05 Jun 2019
ARCHITECT /team lead
Full-stack software engineer with analytical mindset and comprehensive expertise in React Native, Angular, React.js, and Node.js.
Alex is a senior software engineer with over six years of experience in both web and mobile app development. His vast experience with multiple programming languages (PHP, JavaScript) and technologies helps him to easily solve complicated tasks and build efficient multi-tiered software solutions for clients worldwide.
He is an insightful person with an analytical mindset, so any great challenge is just a matter of time. Alex was involved in the development of mobile applications and web software solutions for food, entertainment, and internet business industries. He also assumed the role of tech lead, when it was needed, and mentored junior software engineers.
In his free time, Alex contributes to JavaScript community and helps developers from all over the globe to solve big problems supporting them on tech forums. He enjoys reading, traveling and exploring the world.
Usually responds within 1 hour
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Education & Science, Banking & Finance, Information services & Technologies, Human Resources & Career, Sports & Fitness, Social Media & Communication, Booking & Rent, Insurance & Risk Management, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

We focus on building custom software products for startups using a wide range of modern technologies within JavaScript stack. Our core competencies are: - Custom web and mobile development - SaaS applications - P2P booking and marketplace applications - Business management applications - Social networking applications - E-learning applications - HR-process automation applications - FinTech applications - Collaborative platforms - Real-time analytical dashboards, etc. -- All our clients are startups, so we do understand this sort of business very well. We always aim to be deeply involved in the project and proactively contribute to the business logic and all technical aspects. We help our clients build quality commercial products that meet long-term strategies and goals.