Artem P.

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Artem P.
Last update: 10 Feb 2019
ARCHITECT /team lead
Seasoned software engineer with a large practical experience in web and mobile app development using Angular, Node.js, ReactJS, and React Native.
Artem is a confident problem-solver with extensive knowledge in building complex multi-tiered software solutions. He began his career by learning PHP, while being a fast-learner he then moved to JavaScript, including but not limited to Angular, Node.js, ReactJS, and later to React Native.
He is a skilful software engineer with over 9 years of experience in both web and mobile app development. During this time he was involved in the production of small and large tech solutions for a vast number of industries like financial, ecommerce, internet, and entertainment just to name a few. What is more, he is a mentor for junior software engineers and for those web developers, who wish to migrate to mobile.
Tech innovation is Artem’s major hobby, that’s why he spends his free time visiting high-end conferences and exhibitions, as well as reading specialized books and articles. He eagerly shares his expertise with others and often speaks at tech conferences and meetups.
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Education & Science, Banking & Finance, Information services & Technologies, Human Resources & Career, Sports & Fitness, Social Media & Communication, Booking & Rent, Insurance & Risk Management, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

We focus on building custom software products for startups using a wide range of modern technologies within JavaScript stack. Our core competencies are: - Custom web and mobile development - SaaS applications - P2P booking and marketplace applications - Business management applications - Social networking applications - E-learning applications - HR-process automation applications - FinTech applications - Collaborative platforms - Real-time analytical dashboards, etc. -- All our clients are startups, so we do understand this sort of business very well. We always aim to be deeply involved in the project and proactively contribute to the business logic and all technical aspects. We help our clients build quality commercial products that meet long-term strategies and goals.


Efficient software engineer and confident communicator with solid background in devops (Amazon, Heroku), Node.js (ExpressJS, SailsJS), and Vue.js.
Roman is a skilled and investigative software engineer with extensive knowledge and practical experience with both small and large projects for financial, business services, telecom, and HR industries...
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Updated: 10 Feb 2019
Full-stack software engineer with analytical mindset and comprehensive expertise in React Native, Angular, React.js, and Node.js.
Alex is a senior software engineer with over six years of experience in both web and mobile app development. His vast experience with multiple programming languages (PHP, JavaScript) and technologies...
GMT+2 East Europe
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Updated: 19 Dec 2018