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Ezequiel A.
Last update: 30 Apr 2019
Software developer and functional programming expert with a passion for correct software.
Senior full-stack developer with over 6 years of experience. Ezequiel loves to work with functional languages and his favorites are Haskell and Rust.

He loves to code in his free time, some of his personal projects and open source contributions are:
* Haskell - discogs2pg: A tool to efficiently import Discogs’ gigabyte-sized XML dumps into Postgres.
* Rust - win95-maze-rs: A tribute to Windows’ 95 maze screensaver in low-level OpenGL.
* Haskelll - atexpad: A simple LaTeX MathMode + Markdown editor for doing math homework collaboratively.
* Python - GeoPandas: Fixed how label data was computed for choropleth maps.
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GMT-3 South America East
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Industry Experience

Food & Drink, Law & Government


Aug `18 – Present

10 months

Labor Scheduling Tool

Software developer

Starbucks & BurgerKing

Online Employee Scheduling Software for helping managers assign employees' shifts to the different Starbucks & BurgerKing stores.

Technologies Stack:

Hibernate Java Spring


Food & Drink

Mar `14 – Aug `18

4 years


Software developer

Federal government

Electoral Management System to follow and control electoral processes logistics

Technologies Stack:

D3.js Django PostgreSQL Python WebRTC WebSockets


Law & Government


Facultad de Ciencias Exactas

MS in Computer Science

We craft your ideas agency #484

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Logistics & Transportation, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Entertainment & Games, Internet & Telecom, Healthcare & Medicine, Food & Drink

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