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Vika P.
Full-stack JavaScript/PHP Developer
Higher Education Computer Science
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Core technologies

PHP 7 years
JavaScript 7 years
Laravel Framework 3 years
Joomla! 5 years
Vue.js 4 years
React.js 3 years

Other technologies

Single-page application

Portfolio Highlights

Mar `17 – Present
3 years

Devotion Dresses is a unique marketplace that connects European designers, manufacturers and customers from all over the world.

DevotionDresses is adapted to serve more customers while maintaining high performance and butter-smooth user experience. Anyone can make an order on the platform and a get a dress sewn according to individual measurements delivered right on their doorstep: A convenient dress constructor, which makes it possible for any dress to be tailored from scratch and meet customer needs in terms of size, design, length, fabric, color and more. Secure payments: credit/debit card, PayPal, wire transfer.

Full Stack Developer

Support and legacy bug fixing, various changes to product and home page, sliders management, improvements for orders beanstalk queues, find your dress and help me choose features, edit suborders feature, partners section feature, implement product layers, video player customization, GDPR feature, refactoring code.

Mar `16 – May `18
2 years

The company initially created email signatures on a demand basis as a web design agency

MindK worked closely together to develop a SaaS platform that allows building, managing and deploying personal email signatures, either custom or based on designed, tested and coded HTML templates. It offers a live editor and all the tools necessary to customize signatures for you or your brand anywhere and at any time. 20+ HTML signature templates to satisfy the needs of everybody from a student to a business owner. Intuitive dashboard to manage all your email signatures from one place

Mobile iOS Developer

System architecture to manage and store journals, issues, articles. PDF security and PDF viewer implementation. ZOOcart setup and custom changes. Subscription customizations. CrossRef integration

Feb `17 – Feb `18
1 year

Juvo targets local communities in Norway from health associations and science unions to sport clubs.

To engage community members on the go and make Juvo a casual part of their lives MindK built native iOS and Android apps. Now community members can organize meet-ups, ask questions, post news, share useful info, send help requests or assist other members in their local area. An enterprise-ready API enables communities to control members in the app without leaving member management ERP, CRM or any other back-office system. Real-time personalized notifications provide a smooth experience.

Mobile iOS Developer

Write iOS application, uploaded to App Store. Developing a feature that depends on the user geolocation, Google Maps

Jul `14 – Oct `17
3 years

ZOOlanders — a leading Joomla! ZOO extensions provider.

MindK supplemented an existing development team and provided both junior and senior developers to assist in building various extensions for the Joomla CMS.

Full Stack Developer

Development and support of eCommerce solution and ZOO extensions for Joomla CMS. Covering core features with Unit tests. Technical support and direct communication with customers.

Karma unit tests
Mar `14 – Oct `16
3 years

Business Perspectives is a consulting and publishing company, which is part of a network of publishing organizations and projects.

Together with Business Perspectives, MindK set off on a journey to transform complex catalogs of journals and articles into a powerful E-commerce system, tailored for the scientific community: Reading and purchasing of scientific journals is a 100% digital experience. Users can buy the entire magazine, purchase individual articles, as well as rent an article for viewing for a lower price. Convenient payment with a couple of taps. Collection and dynamic visualization of data about authors.

Full Stack Developer

A system architecture to manage and store journals, issues, articles. PDF security and PDF viewer implementation. ZOOcart setup and custom changes. Subscription customizations. CrossRef integration.

May `12 – Jul `14
2 years

Guard Your Eyes is a non-profit organization that helps members of the Jewish community to fight destructive addictions.

MindK created a custom web portal that includes dozens of helpful resources, gamification features and is accessible for people all over the world. An interactive 12-step program with a personal calendar for the 90-day journey to a clean life. Forums separated by user groups (men, women, spouses, children, etc.) Educational articles, videos, chat rooms, live chat, hotline, phone conferences, a mentorship program, and more. Badges, levels, and other gamification elements.

Web Developer

Contributing to strategic decisions concerning the future planning of the products and system core refactoring. Developing 90 Days Chart component; license management component; donation-reporting component; Authorize.Net, PayPal payment plugins for donations. CometChat customization


About me

Seven years ago I've turned my favorite hobby into a beloved job and never looked back. I value innovation, personal development, and challenging tasks. When others throw in the towel, I fight to the bitter end. Skills Set: Front End development: - Single Page Applications components development - HTML/CSS Back End development: - Development Rest API layers for web applications with PHP Frameworks - Application architecture development - DB architecture development - Covering API and separate app functional parts with Unit Tests (using PHPUnit and wrappers) - Extensions development for Joomla, Wordpress, Opencart CMS.

Custom, Web & Mobile Apps agency #173

Kyiv, Ukraine
Core Expertise
React Native
CMS Development
Laravel Framework
Mobile UI Design
Business & Productivity, E-Commerce & Retail, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate, Advertising & Marketing, Environmental Activism & Social Organisations
MindK offers web and mobile app development, quality assurance, and DevOps services. Over the past decade, MindK has developed over 120 complex B2B and B2C solutions in the e-commerce, financial services, and construction sectors. Our coordinated teams include project managers, developers, designers, DevOps, and QA engineers. At MindK, our goal is to help clients accelerate growth and innovation, boost operational efficiency and improve profitability and customer satisfaction. Our passion for technology and years of experience in the IT industry is reflected in the professionalism of our team, enabling us to deliver predictable results that exceed expectation, accelerating our clients’ time to market and ensuring sustainable growth. We are proud that: Our average client relationship is 5 years. 96% of our clients' projects have met deadlines. 84% of our clients continue working with us to this very day and come back with new projects.