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Anton S.
Last update: 24 Jan 2019
React Native developer
2+ years of professional experience as a JavaScript developer for Front-End
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT+3 Middle East
Lviv/Ukraine, Edinburgh/United Kingdom


Sep `17 – Apr `18

7 months

Sports app

Front-End Developer

App gathers aggregate information from different sport sources.

Technologies Stack:

Node.js PostgreSQL React.js Git Redux Yarn

Dec `16 – Aug `17

8 months

Currency web app

Front-End Developer

Web app that provides currency difference information and helps to calculate it.

Technologies Stack:

React.js Redux Yarn

Jul `16 – Dec `16

5 months


Front-End Developer

App provides aggregated information from third party’s API Book Library and helps to purchase books.

Technologies Stack:

Node.js React.js Redux Yarn

Apr `18 – Feb `19

10 months

GPS tracking system

React Native Developer

The system is working with tracking devices for a different kind of equipment. We get the location and technical info and show in Web and mobile systems. There is possible to make reports, customize own groups, use filters and usable popups for fast info. There is role constraints for secure usage. Using OpenStreet maps we’ll put custom map layers of the enterprises. Also, mobile application let the client track their objects at any time, make urgency request for technical maintenance.

Technologies Stack:

Node.js React.js React Native


Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

Master's Degree

Web&Mobile Development agency #114

Lviv/Ukraine, Edinburgh/United Kingdom


Business & Productivity, Logistics & Transportation, E-Commerce & Retail, Entertainment & Games, Construction & Real estate, Human Resources & Career, Mapping & Navigation, Advertising & Marketing, Social Media & Communication, Electronics & Equipment

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JavaScript Developer
5 years of commercial experience in IT. Experience in developing web applications using JavaScript (React, Node). Experience in development of developing highly loaded systems. Good knowledge in progr...
8 Projects completed
GMT+3 Middle East
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Updated: 08 Feb 2019
Front-End Developer
3+ years of commercial experience in web development. I'm delighted with the creation of new solutions. Experienced in developing small to large-scale websites based on web standard technologies like...
6 Projects completed
GMT+3 Middle East
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Updated: 07 Feb 2019
Full Stack Web Developer (PHP/JavaScript)
4+ years of professional experience as a PHP/JavaScript developer. Implemented and maintained raw PHP, JavaScript applications as well as Yii, Yii2, Symfony2, AngularJS frameworks. Additional responsi...
14 Projects completed
GMT+3 Middle East
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Updated: 24 Jan 2019
iOS Developer
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Updated: 24 Jan 2019