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Bohdan S.
Last update: 27 Feb 2019
Senior .Net, C# Developer
A Senior .Net Developer with experience in .NET Technologies, AngularJS, JQuery, OWIN/Katana, OAuth2, NLog, Bootstrap, LINQ, WCF, MVVM, UML, Subversion, Transact-SQL, Azure, LINQ/PLINQ, SignalR, TypeScript, WPF. Has a good knowledge of Entity Framework, experience in setting up projects from scratch. Good communication skills.
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GMT+2 East Europe



May `17 – Aug `18

1 year

Admin Tool

Software Developer

DataBase design and management, API and EF (database first) model implementation, UI/UX design and implementation. Development of microservises application architecture using repository design patterns.

Ukrainian company Involvement

It is a web application for administrators and customers. It will be the central interface for all hosting related things. The app is part of a bigger project for the complete hosting automation and all sales related processes.

Technologies Stack:

.NET Node.js PostgreSQL SaaS TypeScript Velocity Visual Studio Entity Framework Redis PgAdmin Webpack Angular 4

May `16 – May `17

1 year


Senior Developer

German client

It is a web app for commercial use which enables the complete hosting automation and also the management of sales related and business processes.

Technologies Stack:

.NET Node.js SaaS TypeScript Entity Framework Webpack Angular 4 Microservices

Oct `15 – Apr `16

6 months

Kembla Joggers

Software Developer

Worked on WPF UI customization (app UI fully customized), database managing, data sync logic implementation (data is syncing by client-server scheme and client-client scheme depends on Internet access availability on clients).

Ausralian Company

.Net based application that provide storing at managing data for Australian runners club – “Kembla Joggers”.

Technologies Stack:

WPF Entity Framework MS SQL Server

May `15 – Oct `15

5 months

Camera Manager

Software Developer

Worked on UI customization, DirectX COM libs wrapping logic implementation, camera API connectivity logic implementation.

French Company

Client application that communicates with camera (remote) device. This application provide ability to access and manage photo/video data stored on camera (remote) device. DirectX3D graphics library used.

Technologies Stack:

DirectX Windows Phone WPF


Software Developer

Worked on WFP controls customization and interoperability between WinForms and WPF, database managing, REST request/response processing, WinForms controls customization.

UAE Company

.Net based trading platform, that working with various number of data providers

Technologies Stack:



Full-stack developer

US Client

WellsUp provides monitoring, control, optimization and remote access to the oilfield wells and assets. We built a web application with handy user interface based on responsive design to satisfy customer's business needs.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS ASP.NET C# HTML5 JavaScript SQL Server Bootstrap CSS3 Entity Framework OAuth Sass


City data

Software Developer, Team Lead, Tech Lead

Worked on architecture planning, communication with client, CRM UI customization, database managing using stored procedures, WCF RESTful service implementation, CRM frontend/backend logic implementation, browser client logic implementation using jQuery, CRM REST request/response logic implementation.

Israel company

ASP.NET based CRM and WCF web service, that provides user to manage certain city related data. Also provides possibility to manage mobile clients interface using CRM (clients interface is partly dynamic and is getting from web service in tree view data structure)

Technologies Stack:

Ajax ASP.NET CSS HTML5 jQuery SQL Server Bootstrap REST


International Economic-Humanitarian University of acad. S. Demianchuk.

Faculty of Informatics with in-depth study of English

Web,Desktop&Mobile development agency #361



Business & Productivity, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Mapping & Navigation, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare & Medicine

Exoft is founded as a custom software development provider specializing in development using Microsoft technologies. We offer a full cycle of development: from initial concepts to final delivery of a project of any size. With our company you can feel all benefits of outsourcing IT projects: high-quality work for reasonable costs.


All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 07 May 2019
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 30 Jul 2019