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Oleksiy G.
Last update: 07 Mar 2019
Full Stack JavaScript Developer
Creative, reliable, and thoughtful full-stack developer. I enjoy programming although needed some time to figure it out. Medicine has taught me how to find a solution in a challenging situation. Right now it helps me in development a lot. I am driven by the result and I also appreciate quality a lot.
Because, we all know that quick decisions lead to bad consequences.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT West Europe
Dnipro/Ukraine, Zaporizhia/Ukraine



Industry Experience

Films & TV, Banking & Finance, Information services & Technologies, Business & Productivity, Automotive, Social Media & Communication

Product Experience

TV channel website and iOs app, Apple TV UI, TV streaming service, web application for getting financial data from many stock providers, Data storage app, cloud storage services, CRM system, Chatbot for Facebook, Chatbot, Business Analysis Tool, Business intelligence software solutions


Oct `18 – Present

5 months


Full Stack developer

Full-cycle live content The diversity of platforms, devices, players and formats The ability to scale to an unlimited number of concurrent viewers TV-like QoE (Quality of Experience) High QoS (Quality of Service), including resilience to network congestions and packet loss Simplified management of complex live streaming workflows

Matthias Spirig

The best rated TV App in Switzerland with more than 150 TV channels. Also TV with Wilmaa for computer in any web browsers. Find the most exciting programs in the guide or in the recommendations and record programs for free to watch them later. Do you also want to discover the best movies and series of the past 7 days, in highest picture quality and have no more ads when switching channels? All of this and even more is possible with Wilmaa.

Technologies Stack:

Node.js React.js


Films & TV


TV channel website and iOs app, Apple TV UI, TV streaming service


Nov `17 – Present

1 year

Financial Tweet

Full Stack Developer

Worked the front-end features development. Was led by the Team Lead. Have worked on the implementation of different project components to meet client's requirements.

One of the start-ups in the financial technology field. Its goal is to provide financial information about companies whose shares are traded on the world's leading stock markets to small investors.

Technologies Stack:



Banking & Finance


web application for getting financial data from many stock providers

Jul `16 – Present

2 years


Full Stack Developer

Participated in the back-end and front-end development. Have worked mostly with one of the datasources. Worked on the data synch. Integrated payments modules

A project for storing, handling and visualizing big amount of data. It instantly transforms your raw data into insights and data-driven actions.

Technologies Stack:

jQuery MongoDB PostgreSQL SQL Server REST


Information services & Technologies


Data storage app, cloud storage services

Jan `18 – Mar `19

1 year


Full Stack Developer

Was responsible for the back-end and front-end development of the application features to meet the requirements of technical task. Integrated RESTful APIs. Integrated payment modules.

Web-based smart platform for car repair shop managing. Innovativeness of this solution based on coverage of the every single aspect of the customer service with utilizing the best experience successfully implemented in adjacent industries to make the platform scalable and suitable for building unique and personal business model from scratch.

Technologies Stack:

MongoDB Node.js React.js Bootstrap Redux


Business & Productivity, Automotive


CRM system

May `17 – Mar `19

1 year


Front End Developer

Was one of the front-end developers of the chat bot (mostly worked on the user's front-end). Integrated RESTful APIs.

The project is a chat bot for the social network, which allows you to respond to comments and private messages. There is an opportunity to view the number ofmessages sent and their statistics.

Technologies Stack:

AWS jQuery MongoDB


Social Media & Communication


Chatbot for Facebook, Chatbot

Dec `16 – Mar `19

2 years

Data Analytics Platform (NDA)

Full Stack Developer

Worked on the back-end and front-end development to meet the client's requirements. Have worked mostly on the charts, participated in the dashboard development. Integrated RESTful APIs, payment modules

A business intelligence (BI) data analytics platform. Provides cost-effective access to datasets and analysis tools allowing all businesses to access tools that can help drive their business forward.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js MongoDB Node.js React.js


Business & Productivity


Business Analysis Tool, Business intelligence software solutions


Zaporizhzhia State Medical University

Bachelor's Degree. Internal Medicine

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Master of Engineering/Industrial Management

Web & mobile development agency #345

Dnipro/Ukraine, Zaporizhia/Ukraine


E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Entertainment & Games, Mapping & Navigation, Sports & Fitness, Social Media & Communication

We are a full-service web, software, and mobile application development company. We are a professional team whose goal is to develop solutions for your business or personal use. Our team consists of high-level experts with strong development experience. This allows us to provide guaranty of completing any development tasks straight in time