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Denys S.
Last update: 15 Jun 2019
Senior Back-End (Python) Developer
If you take a look at my skills set you can notice that I have a wide range of languages behind my back. But only one language has made me stop my search and continue self-development writing perfect code with it. Python has become my favorite technology and I am not going to stop learning it. There are still so many things that can be implemented and this is what I like about it. It’s pretty easy to learn but when it comes to hype technologies like Machine Learning or AI in general, Python is there to handle it.
GMT West Europe
Dnipro/Ukraine, Zaporizhia/Ukraine


Industry Experience

Service & Support, Education & Science, Entertainment & Games, Healthcare & Medicine, Social Media & Communication, Business & Productivity, Information services & Technologies, Data Science & Machine Learning

Product Experience

e-learning gamification solution, e-learning solutions, E-learning Platform, Healthcare, AI- and NLP-driven language learning solution, data and statistics management solutions, Business Analysis Tool, CRM system


Dec `17 – Present

1 year


Team Lead

Was a Team-Lead on the project, built architecture of the application. Worked on the architecture of the database and data synch between two user apps (drivers and customers roles).

Idéer med mera

Anapplication formobile devices based on iOS and Android. It was created to provide services to customers who need maintenance at home or plot ofl and. They provide such services as:c leaning the plot of land, cleaning snow, cleaning the house, etc. Customers are serviced by personnel who move mainly by car from the address to the address, providing services.

Technologies Stack:

Django Google Maps API OAuth Celery Swagger


Service & Support


Mar `17 – May `17

2 months


Back-end developer, Tech Lead

I was idea maker and work mostly on the back-end part. Used Koa with Node for the creation of the app because Node suits the best for that type of the project. Also, I experemented with MongoDB on that project but seems that simple MySQL will lool better there.

Online learning platform for people who strive to master a musical instrument. The main idea of the app - to help people get familiar with music in the gaming way.

Technologies Stack:

MongoDB Node.js Angular 2x Webpack Mongoose


Education & Science, Entertainment & Games


e-learning gamification solution, e-learning solutions


Mar `16 – Nov `16

8 months


Lead back-end developer

Built that project myself until the MPV version, create an architecture of the project and all the documentation for the project.

Platform for learning of Mandarin language. This platform maintain 4 lnguages and have wide functionality typical for learning platforms.

Technologies Stack:

Django PostgreSQL Python REST


Education & Science


E-learning Platform


Jun `14 – May `15

11 months


Back-end developer

Worked on the whole app logic, construct architecture of it, create all the endpoints and NLP logic.

Gradio aiming to simplify do a first-time medical examination of customers in this center and creation online based patient chart. Also, this app generates recommendations for disease prevention based on the health screening results.

Technologies Stack:

Django Python Redis REST


Healthcare & Medicine


Healthcare, AI- and NLP-driven language learning solution

Jul `16 – Jun `19

2 years

Account Management Tool

Back-End Developer

Participated in the development of the core database, was the only back-end developer on the team, communicated with the front-end team, integrated the payment system, integrated RESTful APIs (different social media APIs).

Account Management B2C Tool for multiple accounts. It is a role-based tool. It has been created to help managing social media accounts and gather statistics and analyze the activity of the account. The project is under NDA.

Technologies Stack:

Django MongoDB PayPal Stripe


Social Media & Communication


data and statistics management solutions

Apr `16 – Jun `19

3 years


Back-End Developer

Have worked on the development of the core database, back-end functionality, integrated the payment module, integrated RESTful APIs.

Huge product for managing accounts on apple business chat, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Origin2 included in itself Inbound, outbound, digital, and self-services solutions for customer engagement, the workforce optimization solution of employee engagement, and the integration, platform, and analytics solutions for business optimization. It was also suplied with integrated chat-bot that has self-learning function and was created to help in account managment with it's advices.

Technologies Stack:

AWS Django Facebook API Flask MongoDB twitter api


Business & Productivity, Information services & Technologies, Data Science & Machine Learning


Business Analysis Tool

Sep `15 – Jun `19

3 years

On-line CRM platform for small businesses

Back-End Developer

Worked on the development of the core database, participated in the back-end features development to meet the requirements, integrated the payment module, created multi-user dashboard, worked on charts and data synch.

On-line CRM platform to help small businesses thrive.There is the task management system with Role-based access control, ability to talk with experts and get advice and many different things (including monthly subscription).

Technologies Stack:

AWS Django MongoDB PayPal Stripe


Business & Productivity


CRM system


Zaporizhzhia National Technical University

Master's Degree in Software Engineering

Web & mobile development agency #345

Dnipro/Ukraine, Zaporizhia/Ukraine


E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Entertainment & Games, Mapping & Navigation, Sports & Fitness, Social Media & Communication

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