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Vadim K.
Last update: 27 Nov 2018
ARCHITECT /team lead
Top notch, expert full stack Python / Django / React lead developer
Vadim has been delivering high load, feature packed and fully functional apps for the last seven years. He has helped A, B series startups and Fortune 1000 companies in reaching product goals, by solving complex product tasks, leading and mentoring in-house and local development teams. Has Europe & US Visas for on site work.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT+3 Middle East
Zaporizhzhya/Ukraine, New York/USA



Industry Experience

Business & Productivity

Product Experience

Marketplace, SaaS, B2B platform


Nov `18 – Jun `19

7 months

Switch App

Lead Developer (backend, frontend, DevOps)

Switch Tech, Inc

Switch is a mobile-only job-matching app that connects candidates directly to hiring managers. Candidates upload their resumes and connect their social and professional media profiles, but remain anonymous while searching. Users receive a daily set of job recommendations that fit their backgrounds and salary criteria, and swipe right to apply.

Technologies Stack:

AWS Django Heroku PostgreSQL Python Elasticsearch RESTful API Celery Docker


Oct `16 – Jun `19

2 years


Lead Developer / Team Lead

An automation platform for virtual assistants, SaaS. Includes integration of multiple 3rd party APIs, including Google, Twilio, Stripe, Slack and others.

Technologies Stack:

Django Google API PostgreSQL Python Stripe Elasticsearch Redis Twilio API Celery Slack


Business & Productivity


Marketplace, SaaS, B2B platform




Bachelor of Computer Sciences

Web & Mobile Apps development agency #368

Zaporizhzhya/Ukraine, New York/USA


Education & Science, Business & Productivity, Logistics & Transportation, E-Commerce & Retail, Human Resources & Career, Sports & Fitness, Photo & Video, Travel & Tourism, Booking & Rent, Food & Drink, Electronics & Equipment, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Data Science & Machine Learning

We always go the extra yard and ensure our customers are happy with the product, by adding value in the form of extensive business analysis and product to market strategy, on top of fully functional, clean and polished coding. Our areas of expertise include UX design, product and project management, responsive single page web apps development, iOS applications development. Domains of expertise are: SaaS, matching platforms, marketplace platforms, B2B, e-commerce.


Talented Android Developer with startup and enterprise experience
Anastasiia has been working for startups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies, always delivering quality built, production grade Android apps with millions in downloads. She's persistent, hard working, dil...
1 Project completed
GMT+3 Middle East
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 20 May 2019
Full stack developer (Python / Django, JS / React, DevOps)
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 21 Mar 2019