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Karla G.
Last update: 22 Mar 2019
Graphic Design Experience in editorial design, photo retouching Interfaces & creative person Pixel eye perfect Love Design for Mobile and Web
Over 7 years experience in Graphics Design, User Design, User Experience, Social Media, Branding Strategy, Campaigns, Sales, and Marketing.
Excellent communication skills.
Passion for reading and writing.
Had helped different companies with their business strategies, sales, customer service, direct promotion, data services and model driven design for architecture.
Had worked with Advertising, Marketing, Campaigns, Online Promotion, Flyers Artwork, Visualwork, Catalogs, Brochures and other printed Materials. Ilustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Web Design. Experience with social media tools like Fb, Twitter, Wordpress (Blogs) and community building.
For the last year I have worked in Real Estate Business, Potential Sales, Valuation, Creation of Data Sheets, Deal face customer.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 5% discount
5% discount on yearly basis
GMT West Europe


Industry Experience

Nature & Weather , Shopping & Loyalty programs, Advertising & Marketing, Fashion & Style, Healthcare & Medicine, Food & Drink

Product Experience

Cross-platform social mobile app, eCommerce web platform, Mobile app for calculating calories


May `18 – Jul `18

2 months

Agualu React Native

UI/UX Designer for Web and Mobile App


Design, Plan & develop agualu mobile app built in react native

Technologies Stack:

Photo Retouching Illustrator Photoshop


Nature & Weather


Cross-platform social mobile app


Jul `17 – Apr `19

1 year

Momento App

UI/UX Designer

Rodo Olortegui (Client based in Las Vegas)

A project similar as Momento is a platform that allows end-users to customize your photos in Physical Frames and Matboards of your liking The idea is to print and frame your photos online

Technologies Stack:

Adobe Creative Suite Illustrator Photoshop


Shopping & Loyalty programs


eCommerce web platform


Jan `16 – Apr `19

3 years

Six Pack Shortcuts App

UI/UX Designer

Six Pack Shortcuts (Mike Chang Fitness)

Android and iOS App for the famous Youtube channel Six Pack Shortcuts named before Mike Chang

Technologies Stack:

Illustrator Photoshop


Advertising & Marketing, Fashion & Style, Healthcare & Medicine, Food & Drink


Mobile app for calculating calories




Graphic Design

Web & Mobile development agency #340

We are a leading Nearshore Software & Solutions Development company. Our consultants provide services for a wide range of clients throughout Mexico and North America. We offer a portfolio of services, specializing in conceptualizing, building and delivering solutions that require a perspective gained from working on cutting edge products/services for emerging and fast-growing markets.


Full Stack Web Developer & React Native Dev Laravel + Node.js / React.js, Vue.js / React Native
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 3% discount
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Updated: 24 Mar 2019
Full Stack Web Developer Laravel / Node.js + Vue.js + Angular.js
4 years experience in design, development, implementation and maintenance of web based systems. 4 years experience with JavaScript, Angular, Vue.JS, D3.js, Node.js Experience with GIT (Github, Bitbuc...
2 Projects completed
GMT West Europe
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 22 Mar 2019
Full Stack Web Developer - NodeJS / React.js, Vue.js, Angular, Express.js, Adonis, Laravel Decent experience in Data Science and Fintech.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 7% discount
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Updated: 22 Mar 2019