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Alexey N.
Last update: 15 Nov 2018
ARCHITECT /team lead
Desktop & Mobile application developer, Software Architect
More than 18 years of experience in software development.
Application development using C, C++, C#, Objective C\C++, Embedded C++.
Mobile application development using C++, Objective C, Java SE, C#.
Wide experience in the network programming, cross-platform applications and platform-independent applications.
Development of applications with the distributed architecture.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 12% discount
12% discount on yearly basis
GMT West Europe


Cloud collaboration software

Mac OS developer

New features development, bug fixing, sub module refactoring.

Software for safe data storage in a Cloud

Technologies Stack:

C C++ Objective-C Qt Git OpenSSL macOS Boost C++ Libraries

SmartHome system

System Architect

Software and Hardware designing and implementation.

The bridge system between iOS application and a set of custom controllers with varied sensors (temperature, motion, pressure, light etc)

Technologies Stack:

C++ Raspberry Pi Home Automation iOS Operating System

GSR meter software

System Architect, Team Lead

Software architecture and UI design, development time critical code algorithms, planning.

Real-time analyzing data from portable Galvanic Skin Response meter.

Technologies Stack:

Bluetooth C C++ Objective-C OpenGL Windows Git Core Animation JavaSE macOS iOS Operating System Android Operating System

Network security project (cross platform embedded application).

Technical Project Manager / Senior Developer

Development of the application High Level design and core TCP functions, planning.

Software for Telecommunication Secure Gateway. Development custom TCP stack inherited from BSD kernel for increasing bandwidth of the existing stack.

Technologies Stack:

C C++ FreeBSD Linux Visual Studio


Donetsk State University

Master of Science in Radio physics and electronics

Web & Mobile development agency #272


The team who make complex things simple and useful.


Senior PHP developer
9 years’ experience in Drupal 7/8 development (more than 30 Drupal projects, 10 of them have been developed from scratch ), custom Drupal modules development. Development of sites based on other techn...
4 Projects completed
GMT West Europe
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 8% discount
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Updated: 15 Nov 2018
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 11 Jul 2018