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Dmytro C.
Last update: 20 May 2019
An UI/UX Designer with 5+ years of experience
An expert in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Readymag, and Adobe XD. Dima has in-depth knowledge in composition, illustration, branding, color theory, typography, creative concept, interactivity, icon development, infographics, and diagrams.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT+2 East Europe



Industry Experience

Sports & Fitness, Information services & Technologies, Social Media & Communication, News & Media

Product Experience

weight loss app, Messaging service, Communication, entertainment apps


Jul `18 – May `19

10 months


UI/UX designer


South America based company

Lose weight starting now by connecting with your personal Magra Health Coach, who will help you to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Start making sustainable changes that will improve your health and happiness. Personal Health Coach is an instant message away!

Technologies Stack:

2D Design Animation Illustrator Photoshop


Sports & Fitness


weight loss app


Mar `16 – May `19

3 years

Bluetooth Chat


Web and UI/UX design

Tomer Loic

Bluetooth Chat, messenger to send short messages over short distances, communication doesn't result in any charges, messages are sent directly between devices equipped with this software, range depends on the device and obstacles, sending can sometimes take little longer if program have difficulties, observe status icon next to recipient name Shows chat over Bluetooth between several iOS devices, using all the fundamental Bluetooth API capabilities.

Technologies Stack:

Desktop Applications Illustrator Photoshop


Information services & Technologies, Social Media & Communication


Messaging service, Communication

Feb `15 – May `19

4 years


UI/UX designer


Resignation Media, LLC

All day, every day, theCHIVE brings you the most funny, sexy, and heartwarming photos & videos. theCHIVE app is a buffet of hilarity and hotness, with a touch of humanity…all served up in pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure.

Technologies Stack:

Desktop Applications Mobile UI Design Illustrator Photoshop


News & Media


entertainment apps


Web & Mobile development agency #123



Education & Science, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Entertainment & Games, Sports & Fitness, Photo & Video, Kids & Childcare, Healthcare & Medicine, Food & Drink, Arts & Culture, Audio & Music, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

We are a software development company specializing in building web and cross-platform mobile apps with React Native, React.js, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, Blockchain. We create not just apps—we build apps that make money, drive real value for Your users, and hit the charts. How? A strategic approach to the Planning Stage provides an analysis of Your users’ current needs, development time estimation, deadlines planning, and actual work with them. We know our work well and, first of all, take care of Your future results. Our Team Lead and Tech Lead, who have 8+ years’ experience, test code themselves because we are focused on quality product. You can be sure that Your project is going right. We strive for maximum value and complete transparency in cooperation with You. We create custom solutions and provide consulting in vast business areas. The scope of work: Web development; Cross-platform mobile app development; Blockchain & ICO; Design Lab. Meet the Geeks!