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Roman S.
Last update: 02 Nov 2018
Senior PHP/REST Developer
A hard-working and highly proficient engineer with 5+ years of experience in back-end web development. Possesses a solid grasp of algorithms and object-oriented programming. Always pays attention to small details, making sure there is no possibility of issues arising in the future.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
Usually responds within 1 hour
GMT+2 East Europe

Web Design and Development agency #327

Every person, while working at MassMedia Group, goes on a professional journey. It starts with the want to create and evolve as an individual, and transforms into a full-fledged mission to grow as a team. Because only together can we reinvent what it truly means to develop. In 2006, when we opened, we were an average web-development studio. But, throughout the years, we’ve managed to assemble an amazing team of diligent and devoted experts. We don’t just code efficiently. We give our all in order to find the perfect solution to your problems. If you’d like to let us help you too, just send us a message. This way, we’ll be able to create and maintain your desired product, easily alleviating any issues ourselves, giving you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and watch your project rise above all others.


Expert Mobile & Web UX/UI Designer
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 02 Nov 2018