Volodymyr V.

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Volodymyr V.
Last update: 12 Nov 2018
Full Stack developer: Java/JS
Java development is my primary direction, but also I work with JS on front-end
GMT West Europe


Jul `16 – Present

2 years

Project 4

Full Stack developer

Java 8, Spring Boot, Microservices, Cassandra, DynamoDB, NodeJS, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker, Tomcat, ElasticSearch

Cloud-first architecture that powers the services required to deliver a best-in-class experience to thousands of end-users

Technologies Stack:

Cassandra Node.js Elasticsearch Redis RabbitMQ Docker DynamoDB Java 8 Spring Boot Microservices

May `16 – May `17

1 year

Project 2

Full Stack developer

Developed part of the system that holds configurations for all supported webshops and periodically checks all configurations on those webshops and inform team if some configuration is not valid anymore. That part also holded another part of data and was like central repository for other micro-services.

Participated in functionality for browser extension, the extension was activated when user visited page with goods on supported web-shop to provide to user alternatives on other web shops where he can buy the same goods for less.

Technologies Stack:

Java JavaScript

May `17 – Jul `16

10 months

Project 3

Full Stack developer

project was related to ads, the project aggregated ads into our database from various ads systems

Technologies Stack:

Java JavaScript

Oct `14 – Jun `16

1 year

Project 1

Full stack developer

The goal of the project is to aggregate reported hours by employees from various time tracking systems like: jira, redmine, collabtive etc into single system, which helps to do monthly reports etc.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS Java Spring Spring Security Spring MVC Spring Boot

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