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Carlos H.
Last update: 09 Oct 2018
ARCHITECT /team lead
Ruby on Rails and Android developer and architect with more than 14 years of experience
I consider myself a versatile software engineer that moves easily from business/product to tech. I have experience in Software Engineering (Ruby on Rails and Android are the ones I enjoy the most), Product Management, Ethical hacking, Compliance, and building and scaling companies from scratch.

I previously helped a nascent e-commerce without much tech in place at the time, to scale their operations and product in a very short timespan. My role was not initially related to software development but quickly I stepped in and solved several operational bottlenecks via technology. We became the #1 e-commerce platform in South East Asia to be later acquired by Alibaba.

I have built several platforms from scratch and rescued some others in different industry verticals. I have a strong passion and drive to build elegant software platforms and I enjoy to contribute my product expertise to help my clients succeed.
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GMT+8 East Asia
Singapore; Bangkok



Industry Experience

Healthcare & Medicine, Electronics & Equipment

Product Experience

Learning management system, E-commerce multi store


Nov `16 – Present

2 years

Tech lead

Define and set up the architecture, manage the product backlog and lead the development of the platform.

Braive AS

Braive develops courses for common mental health challenges based on CBT treatment guidelines and manuals. Braive's founder, chief psychologist Henrik Jahren started implementing iCBT to support his traditional treatment of patients in 2010. Witnessing firsthand the effects of e-learning tools available at that time, Braive was created to unlock the potential of today's technology in the application of remote mental health care.

Technologies Stack:

Heroku PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails ES6


Healthcare & Medicine


Learning management system


Oct `16 – Oct `17

1 year

Kyklo web application

Tech lead


Kyklo is a B2B e-commerce platform focused in the electromechanical industry. With a vast catalog of products is able to be used by customers of any size. From small retailers to wholesalers. I lead the team that build their MVP in ~7 months.Kyklo required a vast amount of file processing (csv->db) as one of their main selling points is that they provide the catalog of several brands (currently more than 500k products)

Technologies Stack:

Heroku JavaScript PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails


Electronics & Equipment


E-commerce multi store


Web & mobile development agency #330

Singapore; Bangkok


Education & Science, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Construction & Real estate, Social Media & Communication, Travel & Tourism

We are a team of developers, designers and product owners dedicated to building ambitious and outstanding web and mobile applications. We work around the globe with companies of any size from Startups to Large companies. We speak 11 languages and come from 8 different countries.