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Vsevolod D.
Last update: 26 Nov 2018
SENIOR /team lead
Senior Data Scientist, Team Leader. Data Scientist with 11 years experience. PhD in Computer Science
A highly skilled Data Scientist with over 10 years of experience in data mining activities, data preparation, data analysis, and modeling. Vsevolod understands business's needs very well and has practical experience in building different types of recommendation systems, churn prediction systems, competitor analysis, customer clustering etc. He has a good grasp of Big Data tools and data preprocessing and analysis tools. Having a strong understanding of machine learning algorithms and libraries, he can effectively apply them to working with deep and machine learning.
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Programming Languages:

Java Python R

Operating Systems:

Linux Windows




Oct `12 – May `18

5 years

Creation of algorithms providing quantitative chemical analysis for LIBS systems

Senior data scientist

Development of algorithms for numerical chemical analysis, filtration of non-focus spectra, classification of materials based on spectral data for several dozens of companies from a mining industry

Laser distance spectrometry, Icon steel

LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) is a modern technic for non-destructive online chemical analysis. The basis for creating an algorithm for chemical analysis are the spectra of the system's spectrometer. The aim of the project is to create quantitative chemical analysis algorithms based on spectral data resistant to various factors, such as changing laser power, dustiness, humidity, temperature, etc.

Technologies Stack:

C# MATLAB Python R

Apr `12 – Dec `13

1 year

Managing subscription tariff plans

Senior analyst

Сustomer behavior models development in the situation of changes in the grid of tariff plans, as well as the search for new tariff plans that maximally satisfy customers and the photobank


Photobank has many tariff plans for different groups of users. Introducing new plans or changes to existing ones is possible only after modeling of customers behavior. The project goal is to find most possible scenarios of user reaction and search for optimal tariff plans for both customers and a photobank

Technologies Stack:


Jul `12 – Dec `12

5 months

Photobank search engine development

Senior analyst

Search engine mathematical model development


Photobank is a holder of more than 10 Mln photos. The project goal is to select the most relative, beautiful and new photos according to user search

Technologies Stack:


Sep `08 – Nov `11

3 years

Railway tapered bearing units geometry optimization

Senior analyst

Construction of a mathematical model of bearing unit. Carrying out of optimization calculations of geometry of a product


The task of the bearing manufacturer is to create the most effective geometry of the friction surfaces with the goals of increasing the life of the product and maximizing the efficiency of the work. Within the framework of the project, a mathematical model for the operation of the bearing was developed and a search for the most effective geometry ensuring a longer service life of the article

Technologies Stack:

C++ Delphi


Nacional'nij Tehnicnij Universytet 'Kharkivskij Polytehnicnij Institut'

Masters degree

Nacional'nij Tehnicnij Universytet 'Kharkivskij Polytehnicnij Institut'

Ph. D

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Implementation of data science is your extra profit and your best competitive decision


Data Engineer/DBA with a serious background in data science
A skilled Data Engineer with extensive experience in data mining activities, data preparation, data analysis, and modeling. Denys understands business's needs well and has practical experience in buil...
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GMT West Europe
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 15% discount
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Updated: 06 Mar 2019
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 13 Nov 2018