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Yuriy S.
Last update: 06 Dec 2018
SENIOR /team lead
JavaScript (Angular, React, Node) and React Native developer
I've been developing software for 8+ years, with a higher frequency on Web and Mobile Applications in the last 6 years. I've gained a lot of experience in a wide range of technologies so I can offer an open perspective on Web and Mobile development.

I have strong skills at:
- JS: Angular 1/2, React (flux, redux), React Native, D3.js
- NodeJS: Express, Koa, Meteor, MeanJS,
- MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Worked with:
VCS: Git, SVN, Mercurial
CI: TravisCI, Jenkins, TeamCity
Deployment: Codeship, Ansible, Chef
3rd party tools: bower, npm, grunt, gulp composer
3rd party services: cloudinary,, stripe, mailchimp etc.
TDD/BDD: casperjs, phantomjs, nodeunit, jasmine, mocha

- My working hours are very flexible.
- I'm reliable goal-driven person and I want everything to be in order. I can work under pressure, in any extreme situation, put extra time if it's necessary.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
10% discount on yearly basis
GMT+2 East Europe
Cyprus, Odesa/Ukraine



Industry Experience

Logistics & Transportation, Construction & Real estate, Travel & Tourism

Product Experience

real estate portal


Oct `18 – Present

7 months


React Native developer

• Creating apps for ios and android for talents and clients from scratch using the latest technologies and best practices. • Development of new and well-documented Node.js backends for applications from scratch, easy to read and reusable. • Wrote a new and well-documented React-native code for ease of reading, re-use and maintenance. • Development of a full-fledged instant messenger inside the application.

Tedyz is platform for finding talent for their events

Technologies Stack:

Express.js Node.js React.js React Native RESTful API

Jan `18 – Present

1 year


Node.js developer

• Implemented highload backend on Node.js. • Used MongoDB with custom encryption solution for security. • Used EWS to communicate with Microsoft services, utilized Azure JWT tokens for auth

CMS for phone calls with web and mobile clients developed with React and React Native respectively.Allows tracking contacts and phonecalls. Mobile clients have offline feature. Integrates with Microsoft services via EWSAPI

Technologies Stack:

Azure MongoDB Node.js React.js React Native

Oct `18 – Mar `18

7 months

Achieve On the Go

React Native developer

• Participating in meetings to better understand the core functionality of the app I was going to modernize. • Re-factored JavaScript and for our app and Apex code for server to improve it performance. • Wrote new and well documented JavaScript code for easy readability, reusability, and maintenance. • “Forking” and modifying libraries to meet business requirements for the application.

Achieve On the Go is hyper-personalized app with a plan for each at-risk individual based on genetic screening results, personal goals, lifestyle choices, and busy work schedules.

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript React.js React Native Google Analytics API RESTful API Redux

Aug `17 – Jan `18

5 months

Oscaro Advisor

Consultant (React.js)

• Designed architecture for React with Redux web app. • Helped to outline the API endpoints. • Fixed some bug

Interactive car parts picker developed with React. Finds best offer by asking simple questions.

Technologies Stack:

React.js Redux

Jun `16 – Jun `17

1 year

Roomster -

React Developer

• Implement the web application using technologies (OracleDB, Sequelize, React.js, Node.js) along with HTML5, SASS,JavaScript and other web technologies. • Develop the web app as Single Page Application using React.js Routing. • Build MVC architecture using React.js components including modules, controllers, templates, built-in and custom directives, services and filters.

Roomster is a global corporation with offices in New York and London.

Roomster is the world’s largest online social network for roommates, with 4 million active listings. Founded in September 2003 and based in New York City, Roomster has made home sharing experience safe & easy. Roomster is a trusted name for people to post & search for accommodations around the world with other like-minded individuals.

Technologies Stack:

HTML5 JavaScript Node.js React.js Bootstrap CSS3 JSON RESTful API


Logistics & Transportation, Construction & Real estate, Travel & Tourism


real estate portal


Aug `15 – May `16

9 months


Fullstack JavaScript Developer

• Implement the web application using MERN Stack technologies (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) along with HTML5, SASS, JavaScript and other web technologies. • Develop the web app as Single Page Application using React Routing. • Build MVC architecture using React components including modules, controllers, templates, built-in and custom directives, services and filters

Single page application with mobile application, which presents a new way in online collaboration. Inspiredby Google Docs and Trello, allows users to create, comment, share documents together in real-time. Developed in React,uses for real-time communications

Technologies Stack:

Express.js HTML5 JavaScript MongoDB Node.js React.js React Native Bootstrap CSS3 JSON RESTful API

Oct `14 – Jun `15

8 months


Web Developer

• Designed browser compatible pages using HTML4, CSS2 and JavaScript. • Interacted with jQuery, AJAX, and JSON to manage data processing. • Responsible for making responsive web pages using Bootstrap.

Leadtrain - Single page application created to unite network marketing companies and their customers.Allows users to invite new members, earn ranks and bonuses. Allows companies to attract new clients, track statistics,create events. Developed in Angular 1

Technologies Stack:

Ajax AngularJS CSS JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap HTML JSON Web Services RESTful API

May `13 – Oct `14

1 year

Retro Tax -

Web developer

For hiring managers and human resource professionals, Tax Credit ID (TCID) is RetroTax's proprietary web-based screening tool. This online platform allows clients to qualify new hires for a range tax credits, like Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) or geographically-based programs.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS ColdFusion Java jQuery Selenium Bootstrap MSSQL



Odessa National Polytechnic University

Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.) | Computer science

Web & Mobile Development agency #302

We are a highly skilled outsourcing partner using all currently available software programming, designing and implementation technologies and methodologies, enriched by the industry-wide knowledge and expertise, to help our partners cut their costs while getting the best possible software products. We have all equipment, resources, software, skills, qualification, expertise, and experience, which are needed to support IT infrastructure of your business. Our team can work through the entire end-to-end software development lifecycle or implement a particular part of projects. We will set up a dedicated, ready-to-work project team of experts possessing all qualifications, skills and abilities required for the successful project completion.


Front-end JavaScript (React, React Native) developer
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 25 Oct 2018
Full Stack JavaScript (React.js, Node.js) and React Native developer
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 06 Dec 2018