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Gurgen A.
Available: 27 Jun 2018
SENIOR /team lead
Senior full stack developer (5 years' of experience) with expertise in Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS. Gurgen develops websites, web apps and mobile apps.
Gurgen is an experienced full stack developer. He is an expert in creating web application from a concept to design to the finished product. He has worked across all the layers of a modern web application, from the database to final deployment & scalable cloud hosting.

Gurgen's back-end expertise is focused on JS and PHP languages, with main focus on React JS and Laravel. He also has strong client-side coding skills and experience (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). He has hands-on experience developing with jQuery/ jQuery UI Plugins, Angular.js, Bootstrap, knowledge of SASS and LESS. He has worked with RESTful Web Services, developed and integrated many APIs and is familiar with GIT.
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Industry Experience

E-Commerce & Retail, Advertising & Marketing, Travel & Tourism

Product Experience

Android and web), MySQL DB backup/restore, Sqlite DB performance test on iOS devices, Developing and supporting multilingual CMS for e-markets/ integrating payment systems/ integrating GoogleMaps


Aug `17 – Present

10 months

BACKTOCART web application

Team lead

Supervise and guide the team of developers (front-end and back-end) working on the project. Responsible for the supervision and delivery of the whole project


Backtocart is a web-based application for maximizing ecommerce sales.The application is powered by an immense library of customizable templates and easy-to-use design tools. They enable ecommerce websites to create eye-catching, user-reactive lightboxes and display them at the right moment to grab the user’s attention with enticing offers. Big data analysis tools integrated in the platform allow companies to monitor and enhance the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

Technologies Stack:

CSS JavaScript Meteor Mono Node.js React.js Git HTML Redux


E-Commerce & Retail


Jan `18 – Mar `18

2 months

GATHER CONTENT Hubspot Integration Project

Tech lead

Responsible for the technical part of the project. Created and managed the integrations and developed backend with PHP.


GatherContent is a platform that allows to easily manage website content creation workflow. Incredo’s team integrated the platform with Hubspot CMS and did a number of testings to ensure failsafe functionality. Now GatherContent’s users can import content from the application to their Hubspot website and blog and update the migrated content directly in Hubspot. Website:

Technologies Stack:

MySQL PHP Amazon Web Services Laravel Framework


Advertising & Marketing


May `18 – Dec `17

5 months

Tourism GeAr iOS And Android Native App Development

Senior developer

Wrote the codes for the backend (using React JS and Mongo.DB) and did the testings.

Tourism GeAr

Tourism GeAr is a travel application which helps travellers discover the South Caucasus region. Incredo created user stories to better understand the needs of travellers and the difficulties they could face when exploring tourism opportunities in the region. We wireframed the application, planning its layout and functionality and our design team created a smooth UI/UX/ in the app. We also developed the server-side, using Mongodb.

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript MongoDB SQL Swift Sketch Android Operating System


Travel & Tourism


Android and web), MySQL DB backup/restore, Sqlite DB performance test on iOS devices, Developing and supporting multilingual CMS for e-markets/ integrating payment systems/ integrating GoogleMaps



State Engineering University of Armenia

Master's Degree in Electronics and Microelectronics

Armenian State Engineering University

Bachelor's Degree in the Field of Microsystems Technology

Web & mobile development agency #294



E-Commerce & Retail, Advertising & Marketing, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

We offer a wide range of innovative, technology-driven digital marketing and advertising services through a dedicated team of experts. We work with everyone from technology start-ups to well established offline businesses looking to market online. We also specialize in delivering development projects to ICO and cryptocurrency companies.


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Full-stack senior developer with expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, React JS, Ajax, PHP, Python
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Updated: 04 May 2018
Experienced Fullstack Developer with advanced expertise in Javascript
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Updated: 03 May 2018