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Sophia K.
Last update: 07 Aug 2018
Front-end developer experienced at Marketplace, Education and HealthCare projects using ReactJS technology
I am a well organized and task-oriented web developer who is interested in well-written code and self-improvement. Good communication skills help me clearly understand the tasks. I am passionate about discovering and learning new things, and improving my skills as a strong software developer.
GMT West Europe



Development Tools:

Npm Webpack

Other skills:



jQuery SaaS Bootstrap CSS Redux


Product Experience



Nov `17 – Feb `18

3 months


Front-end developer

During the project implementation I am responsible for the layout, creating the main logic and different functionalities. I also collaborate with a back-end developer to improve usability.

It's a resilient, stable and secure web application that would be used to manually classify data (trained data) used in machine learning.

Technologies Stack:

HTML5 JavaScript jQuery React.js CSS3 Bootstrap CSS

Oct `17 – Nov `17

1 month


Front-end developer

I was responsible mainly for the site layout, bug fixing and collaboration with a team.

The application assists trained medical personnel in the administration of CPR according to the current European resuscitation Council guidelines. It provides a timer function and displays interactive guideline-conform treatment suggestions. Using the application during CPR will increase compliance with current guidelines and save lives.

Technologies Stack:

HTML5 Jade jQuery CSS3 Bootstrap CSS

Oct `17 – Oct `17


Front-end developer

During the project implementation I was responsible for the site layout and bug fixing.

The purpose of website along with all our printed publications is to communicate, inform and document the history of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and of the armed underground during the years 1941-1959. "Litopys UPA" publishes source documents and materials in three series with an aim to stimulate interest not only in the UPA activities, but in a more general way, also in the history of Ukraine of that period.

Technologies Stack:

HTML5 jQuery CSS3 Bootstrap CSS

Sep `17 – Sep `17


Front-end developer

My responsibilities included a website layout, creating different functionalities and bug fixing. I was also collaborating with back-end developers and web designers to improve its usability.

TextPlayer is an ongoing project of creating a player that will read texts/blogs/articles aloud for users. This player will be easily embedded to play the texts of the third part of the web page. The user will be able to listen right away or add to his playlist.

Technologies Stack:


Aug `17 – Sep `17

1 month


Front-end developer

I was responsible for the site layout, converting HTML5 into JSX, creating small React components and bug fixing.

RVnGO is an America’s RV Rental Community Marketplace where RVers can share their passion for RVing, where they can buy, sell or rent RVs. It’s a place where RVs can be listed for sale or for rent for FREE, and where enthusiasts can feed their passion and talk about RVing.

Technologies Stack:

HTML5 React.js CSS3 Sass




Mar `17 – Apr `17

1 month


Front-end developer

During the project development I was responsible for the site layout (including adding videos from Youtube using Youtube API), bug fixing and collaboration with a team.

The main idea of QRQUEST​ was to create the landing page for this website.

Technologies Stack:

HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 Sass


Logos IT Academy

The course of Web Developer


The course “HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript Fundamentals”

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

Web & Mobile development agency #299



E-Commerce & Retail, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate, Advertising & Marketing, News & Media, Social Media & Communication, Healthcare & Medicine, Food & Drink, Beauty & Personal Care

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Creative UI/UX designer of Web and Mobile projects
I have 3+ years of experience as a Web/Mobile Designer and 2 years of experience as an iOS/macOS Developer At this time I'm focused on UI/UX design and much passionate about what I do. I am a follo...
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Full-stack software developer focused on unlimited professional growth
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Team Lead, Senior UI Engineer and JavaScript Expert
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Full-stack developer with Reactjs and Nodejs experience
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React/Angular developer with strong knowledge of JavaScript
I am a front-end developer with thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With my regular experience at UI development, I always provide cross-browser responsive user interfaces, write clean and...
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Updated: 07 Aug 2018
Front-end Developer with more than 7 years of experience working in IT
I am a software engineer with more than 7 years of experience working in IT as an iOS developer and JavaScript developer using BackboneJS, MarionetteJS, ReactJS. My experience is quite wide and produc...
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