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Oleg D.
Available: 25 Jul 2018
Middle Full Stack Developer (PHP / JAVASCRIPT)
More than 8 years of web-application development and programming experience;
Problem-solving and communication skills;
Adept in the choice of technologies in the development of the project;
Focus on Backend tasks mostly using php, studying React.js, Vue.js, Ruby on Rails;
Project management skills;
Drawing up a technical assignment for clients;
Application architecture development;
Experience in developing analytical system, social network, online shop, distribution management applications
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT+3 Middle East


Mar `18 – Jul `18

4 months

Analytical system

Full Stack Developer

Development of technological solutions at all stages of the project; Development and implementation of a data processing mechanism in the background; Creation of rules for processing price lists; Development of google application for data parsing; Development of sections: groups, filling content, processing price lists, working with merchandise goods, distribution, category pools

The project of an organization designed for the processing and analysis of price lists for the next synchronization of online stores based on cms (OpenCart Joomla). It includes many different technologies and a complex architectural approach for solving problems: Tracking changes (prices, goods, content), Filling goods, parsing Yandex Market Hotline, Calculating the cost of margins, forming the value of goods on the basis of goods suppliers.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS HTML5 MySQL Node.js CSS3 Sequelize

Ukrainian social network

Full Stack Developer

Development of sections: Messages, Groups, Pages, Notifications; Transition of sections into a single page.

The goal was to create an analogue of Facebook and move the project to a single page with high availability and ability to cope with high database load

Technologies Stack:

jQuery MySQL Laravel Framework Vue.js

Online shop

Full Stack Developer

Connections of payment systems; Maintenance of the project in working order.

Online auto parts store. The project includes the following functions: Search by name, Instant purchase; Personal account; Delivery; Instant installment; Account generation in pdf format; Adaptive layout for mobile devices

Technologies Stack:

HTML5 jQuery Kohana CSS3

Distribution management application (DCC)

Full Stack Developer

Choice of development technology; Project documentation; Drafting of the project plan; Agreed terms; Prioritizing tasks; Communicating with the customer; Reporting to the customer the progress of the tasks and the project as a whole

The project included sections: processing of price lists, contracts, sales scripts, sales outlets, maps, routes for the agent, Regulations and plans, Location fixing, Autonomous work. Synchronization with the server, notification system

Technologies Stack:

Java Sencha Touch


East-Ukrainian National University of Vladimir Dahl

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