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Oleg V.
Last update: 25 Jul 2018
Senior FullStack developer with 10 years of experience
Oleg has been working at Archer Software for 7 years already demonstrating top-notch professional attitude toward the projects he participated in. He is responsive and proactive. Very good English. Capable to work independently but a good team-player as well.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 15% discount
15% discount on yearly basis
GMT+3 Middle East
Dnipro, Kyiv/Ukraine, New York/USA


Industry Experience

Banking & Finance, Law & Government, Kids & Childcare, Service & Support, Advertising & Marketing, Education & Science

Product Experience

Financial Monitoring System, Customer Management, Management Service, financial hub, 24/7 Marketing Campaign Provisioning System, Comics reading app


May `17 – Present

1 year

Imperative Wealth DTS

SeniorFullstack developer

architecture planning, frontend development, backend updates

Licorne Capital

Imperative Wealth DTS (Digital Trading System) is a trading automaton platform operating in the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) market, which provides investment recommendations to its users and consists of several realtime single-page web applications. The users are private bankers and their clients.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js MongoDB Node.js Socket.IO TypeScript Sass Angular 2x RxJS


Banking & Finance


Financial Monitoring System

Aug `13 – Present

5 years


Senior developer

New features development, bugfixing, research / PoC building


Resolver's goal is to help consumers get results by making complaining quick and straightforward. It is independent, free and focused on improving consumer rights and satisfaction.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS CoffeeScript CSS JavaScript MySQL Ruby on Rails Capistrano Git HTML Redis Sidekiq SCSS


Law & Government


Customer Management

Aug `12 – Present

6 years


Senior Developer

Development, Server provisioning, Deployment, Testing


eBuddie is the web based cookie management service where troop cookie chairs and service unit cookie program chairs manage all aspects of their cookies sales.

Technologies Stack:

CoffeeScript JavaScript PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails Capistrano Git Redis Sidekiq


Kids & Childcare


Management Service

Mar `18 – May `17

10 months


Senior Developer

new features development, bugfixing

Avanoo is a crowdfunding platform designed to help investors earn a return on their contribution while enabling Amazon sellers raise funds to purchase inventory for their Amazon retail business.

Technologies Stack:

Amazon API CSS PostgreSQL React.js Ruby on Rails Stripe Git HTML Redis Babel ES6 Sidekiq SCSS


Service & Support


financial hub

Dec `16 – May `17

5 months

Senior Developer

Architecture, Prototyping, Development, Server provisioning, Deployment, Testing


A tool which enables real consumers to engage with the marketing emails, giving them a higher likelihood of landing in the Inbox, not in Spam.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS AWS Google API MySQL Ruby Ruby on Rails Stripe OAuth RabbitMQ


Advertising & Marketing


24/7 Marketing Campaign Provisioning System

Jun `10 – Jul `12

1997 years



New features development, bugfixing, tests migration from MiniTest to RSpec, tech research.


Digital reading platform allows teachers to enrich reading by embedding their questions, quizzes and rich media directly into the reading.

Technologies Stack:

Amazon S3 Backbone.js CoffeeScript jQuery PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails Elasticsearch Git RSpec ePub Capybara Pivotaltracker Marionette.js Minitest PhantomJS SCSS


Education & Science


Comics reading app


National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Department of economic cybernetics, computer systems and automation

Computer Systems, Degree: Master

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Python/Django developer with Java and JavaScript experience.
Software Engineer with 7 years of experience working in IT industry, 4 of them in program development. Has a solid background in development of Enterprise application, good knowledge and working exper...
4 Projects completed
GMT+3 Middle East
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 15% discount
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Updated: 25 Jul 2018
IT Operations Engineer, DevOps, Network Administrator Manager, Network Administrator, Chief Security Officer, System administrator, DBA
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 15% discount
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Updated: 25 Jul 2018
Senior RoR developerwith a wide technology background
A skilled RoR developer with 8+ years of experience in the industry (5+ years focused on RoR); targeted on productivity and transparent communication with a client; has a passion for technology and ha...
6 Projects completed
GMT+3 Middle East
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 15% discount
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Updated: 25 Jul 2018