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Yevhenii L.
Available: 26 Apr 2018
iOS, Swift, AR Ninja
I have 4-year experience in iOS app development. My expertise lies mainly in software development and design information systems. I have analytical thinking, creativity, positive attitude and ability to make all things done.

• Xcode and iOS SDK.
• Objective-C, Swift4.
• Frameworks: Foundation, UIKit, MapKit, CoreLocation, AVFoundation, MediaPlayer, Social, Message UI, Core Graphics, Assets Library.
• Networking: AFNetworking, NSURLConnection, NSURLSession.
• Technologies: Interface Builder, CoreData, ARC, Blocks, Concurrency(GCD, NSOperation, NSOperationQueue), Auto Layout, Local and push notifications, Predicates, Storyboards.
• Bug trackers: Jira, Redmine.
• Project management methodologies: Agile/Scrum/Kanban.
• Version Control Systems: Git (terminal, SourceTree).
• Other: Cocos2d.
English: Intermediate


Industry Experience

Food & Drink, Business & Productivity, Insurance & Risk Management

Product Experience

food delievery web site, food ordering platform, Online educational platform, application for insurance business


Oct `17 – Present

6 months

Food Delivery System

iOS developer

Created the iOS version of food delivering the application.

This is the classic restaurant finder that features a slot machine-esque method of randomly finding a local restaurant. Users can customize the town, genre of food, and price point (or let the machine pick them for you!). A standard ‘browse’ and ‘search’ function for finding restaurants rounds out this App, which is still a great way to leave your dining. There is a food pre-order and food basket option available for users. You can edit your orders.

Technologies Stack:



Food & Drink


food delievery web site, food ordering platform

Jun `17 – Present

10 months

Investment Punk Academy

iOS developer

Participated in development of new version of the iOS app for a video-based educational portal.

Punk is a subscription-based education-social platform that allows people to study online anytime, choose and customize courses at their discretion, exchange opinions, give recommendations to other in order to optimize the learning process. It allows users to sign up for free through the main social media networks, structured online courses across a variety of topics provided by numerous top-notch universities.

Technologies Stack:

Xcode YouTube API Swift iOS SDK


Business & Productivity


Online educational platform

Jul `17 – Jan `18

6 months


iOS developer

Main responsibilities were creating and supporting iOS mobile app for Switzerland-based insurance company.

It's a SaaS platform for Switzerland insurance company. Development time 3 month. We have done the design, web landing page, web dashboard for admins and users + iOS/Android mobile apps for the users.

Technologies Stack:

Swift iOS SDK


Insurance & Risk Management


application for insurance business



Master's degree in Biochemical Industries

Web & Mobele development agency #263



Education & Science, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Sports & Fitness, Healthcare & Medicine, Food & Drink

We build a complex solution which helps our client becoming the best leaders in their markets.


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English: Advanced
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