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Mykola K.
Available: 26 Jun 2018
ARCHITECT /team lead
A very good candidate for analytical tasks and researches
Mykola is a software architect with more than 7 years of experience. He has good knowledge of the Java EE and Node.js technology stack and a number of frontend JavaScript frameworks. Based on domain complexity, Mykola is able to use different approaches to architectural design. He follows Domain Driven Design (DDD) principles and has experience designing monolithic and microservice-based systems. He always ensures the highest levels of reliability and maintainability in the delivered solutions. Mykola is curious and passionate.
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Lviv, Cherkasy/Ukraine


Industry Experience

Food & Drink, Advertising & Marketing, Banking & Finance, Law & Government, Internet & Telecom

Product Experience

Cross-platform mobile app, business web app, Web based application, Social marketing platform, Financial data management system, Financial Monitoring System, Application for data collection and integration, Business process improvement tool, Big Data Analytics system


Sep `16 – Present

1 year

Automation of Catering Business Operations

Tech Lead

US based catering company

A family business provided school meals in multiple locations in California. SPG put together a suite that allowed company to automate their business operations, including order taking, invoicing and payments, packaging, delivery and accounting. The solution included cross-platform mobile applications and web-based portal with the areas for end-customers and back-office.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS JavaScript Ionic Framework


Food & Drink


Cross-platform mobile app, business web app

Feb `16 – Sep `16

7 months


Team Lead

Mykola demonstrated good technical skills and high level of commitment

SPG put together a web application for Digital Marketing Agency intended to help company's clients seamlessly advertise their products. The service used Facebook application to get OAuth access information, start and manage Ad campaigns. Service also provided variety of the reports based on the Facebook Ads collected data.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS MEAN Stack Node.js TypeScript


Advertising & Marketing


Web based application, Social marketing platform

Aug `15 – Feb `16

6 months

Software Suite for Tax Reporting

Tech Lead

Mykola took part as the software architect in a number of projects

Global tax Consultancy

SPG worked as a service provider for a Tax Compliance and Regulatory company. SP Group’ specialists delivered a number of projects, including tax reporting tool which complied with the formats of the target jurisdictions (FATCA, CDOT or CRS), supported data import from multiple sources, formats and had different structure. Other initiatives included development of a middleware to enable communication between the existing services and a task management portal.

Technologies Stack:

C Java MongoDB Oracle


Banking & Finance, Law & Government


Financial data management system, Financial Monitoring System, Application for data collection and integration

Jan `12 – Jan `16

4 years

Project H

Lead Developer

As a lead developer, Mykola was able to take all the challenges and solve complex technical problems

Global Telecom Company

SPG developed a web-based portal to automate procurement operations and purchase management for a Telecom MNC. This solution covered orders management functionality and was securely integrated into company’s existing infrastructure. Over the course of collaboration the solution was integrated with 15 other systems.

Technologies Stack:

Hibernate Java EE jQuery Oracle Spring


Internet & Telecom


Business process improvement tool, Big Data Analytics system

Web development agency #283

Lviv, Cherkasy/Ukraine


Construction & Real estate, Advertising & Marketing, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare & Medicine

We solve common business problems in a proactive manner. The company delivers effective software solutions that are business value driven, are tried and tested.


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Updated: 18 May 2018
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